12 Things Your Project Management Resume Needs in 2012

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If you’ve decided that this year you’re going to go for a new project management job then this article is for you! Find out what 12 things you need in your resume in 2012

There is no denying that in 2012 the competition for a project manager's job is intense. If you've decided that this is the year your going to get into project management or upgrade your current job here are 12 suggestions that will help your resume leap of the desk ensuring you get the recruiters attention.


1. Scannable first page

The first page of your resume needs be easy to read and scannable in 10 seconds or less. Use a slightly larger font size like 14 to draw the readers attention to your achievements section.


2. Create an achievements section

Make sure your resume has a section on the front page that highlights your career.


3. Boast a little

It's ok to boast about your work. You don't want to make up number of course but if your project made or saved your company money you need to mention that.


4. Be clear

Each sentence should be powerful and clear. Instead of "Worked on the ABC project",Guest Posting Say "I successfully ran the ABC project, saving CompanyX 2M annually".


5. Industry words

Project management has its own lexicon. Share your experience and knowledge about project management by dropping in some industry terminology.


6. Skip the obvious buzz words

Some people say you should use management buzz words at all. I think a few are ok, just don't over do it.


7. Certifications

Make sure you put any certifications on the first page. If you don’t have any, start one! This way you can legitimately put one on your resume, don’t lie just make a note mentioning the certification is “in progress”.


8. Resume extensions

Employers often look at your Linkedin site. Don't have a Linkedin yet? you better get one! Linkedin is an excellent way to build up professional connections. Recruiters also use Linkedin to verify the jobs listed in your resume.


9. Keep references to social media out of your resume

Don’t link your resume to sites like Blogger, Facebook or youtube. You run the risk of a recruiter seeing you out partying with you mates.


10. Check the details

Make sure you check all the details of the names of people and places. Nothing is more unprofessional than a poorly researched resume


11. Keep it small

Keep your resume to four pages or less. No one wants to read a 100 page tomb of your life. Use only four pages to get your experience and skills short and concise.


12. Use a specially designed project manager’s resume

Standard templates look tacky and get ignored! Be different dress your resume up with a splash of color, specific formatting, sections and easy to read section fonts.


Use these 12 tips to make your resume the best in 2012.

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