One Way To Survive 2 Real Possible Disasters

Apr 24


Justin Mountford

Justin Mountford

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Everyone's got a thought on how the world might end, however science and economics give us two very real disaster possibilities. With proper understanding and organisation  you can survive these disasters just long enough to plan a longer term strategy.


Disaster Scenarios

You're probably aware that the government simulates and predicts even the most wild disaster scenarios just to see how their response would stack up. No matter what the disaster,One Way To Survive 2 Real Possible Disasters Articles even FEMA agree's that your best chance of survival is to initially help yourself, as it could be days if not weeks before the government could assist.

We've all heard the stories of a Zombie Apocalypse or the great 2012 global adjustment and while these are possible, science and economics have teamed up to to give us two very real disasters that have a higher possibility of actually happening.

Disaster 1 - Solar Flare

Basically the fear here is a that a massive solar flare is due anytime soon which will cause blackouts and global chaos. This is a disaster where one could see power grids crash, communication systems collapse, food supplies interrupted and the internet shut down.

Disaster 2 - Economic Collapse

Every day the global economies stumble a little bit more. There is too much debt, too much consumption, millions of jobs are being lost, big cities are decaying and budgets are being squeezed tighter and tighter. This drives up poverty and there is no end in sight.

Both of these scenarios sound bleak, and in reality could happen. Would you know how to survive?

How To Survive - Create A Survival Backpack

At some time you might need to abandon your city or suburban dwelling and head out to the bush, or a more remote area. Why? History tells us that desperate people will do desperate things. You only need to research some hurricane Katrina data to realise this. The quickest and easiest way to escape to a remote area is to pre prepare a survival kit. 

Food and water

The basics of survival include food and water. Freeze dried meals together with about 3 gallons of water is a good place to start. Add in water purification tablets/drops to ensure you can drink from most water supplies. Be sure to pack some anti diarrhea medication.


Pack a hand-crank light per survival kit. Add some glow sticks and always pack a hand-crank emergency radio. Information is the key to survival. A hand-cranked radio requires no batteries or electricity, and can provide news, weather and information on evacuation.

Most people wouldn’t go anywhere without a multi-tool. Pack a Swiss Army style tool with attachments.

Grab water proof matches, kindling sticks, cotton balls and petroleum jelly. A good camp axe is a valuable asset because it can help clear out a site, split wood, and chop down small trees.

Try to pack your own first aid kit. This way you'll know whats inside. 

A survival kit like this will give you about 3 days worth of supplies. This will give you the edge you'll need to survive long enough to plan a longer term strategy.

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