4 Real Estate Jobs to Try Out (Besides Real Estate Agent)

Feb 24


Morgan Cohen

Morgan Cohen

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Have you been thinking of getting into real estate but want to do something besides sales? Real estate jobs vary wildly. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your search.


The housing and real estate market is one that will always exist and need employees: people have to live and work somewhere! While there are an estimated 2 million real estate brokers out there,4 Real Estate Jobs to Try Out (Besides Real Estate Agent) Articles becoming a broker or an agent isn’t the only way to get into this industry.

Real estate jobs range from the business side of things to more creative pursuits. Honestly, there’s something for everyone in real estate! 

Let’s look at 4 of your options for real estate jobs that aren’t simply “real estate agent”.

Home Inspector

Home inspectors, you guessed it, are in charge of home inspections. These inspections include check for structural issues, ensuring that electrical & plumbing is in order, testing for toxins & radon, look for evidence of pest control/infestation, fire hazards, and more.

Many home inspectors come from a construction background, but anyone can become a home inspector. Home inspections are often required when buying and selling homes & commercial properties, so inspectors are usually in high demand.

Home inspectors also need to be good with people. You’ll be dealing with homeowners, real estate agents, local officials, home buyers, and more. These people are often depending on you for a good review, so they can be demanding or intense, which you’ll need to be able to deal with while giving an unbiased review.

The process of becoming a home inspector varies from state to state. In order to perform Massachusetts home inspections, for example, you need a high school diploma, 75 hours of supervised training, a home inspection license, and insurance.

The average salary for a home inspector ranges between $50,000 and $64,000.

Professional Stager

Do you have more of a creative brain? Are you able to see color and design and implement them into interior decorations? Then becoming a professional stager could be the best real estate job for you.

Staging a home involves making each room in a home that’s being sold appear neutral while also highlighting the most valuable features. You want home buyers to be able to envision themselves in the home without stripping it of its personality. You want to highlight and augment amazing features with your design and create a home the people are dying to live in.

Hourly salary ranges from 50 to 150 dollars per hour with many professional stagers working for staging or real estate companies. Most have backgrounds in interior design, real estate selling, or art.

Real Estate Attorney

Real estate law is complicated and hard to understand, which is why many hire real estate attorneys when they need to deal with it. Real estate attorneys may represent home buyers or sellers, deal with inheritance cases, or represent commercial real estate entities.

This is probably the toughest option on this list since it requires a 4-year college degree plus a law degree in order to become a real estate attorney. You’ll also need to pass the bar exam for the state that you want to practice in, which is notoriously tough.

However, if you do power through all the work to get there, this is definitely one of the more lucrative options with the average salary at $118,000 per year.

Commercial Investor

If you’re interested in economics, business, and data, then commercial real estate investment is a career option that can combine all three of those interests. Commercial investors invest their own (or their company’s) money into commercial real estate opportunities that they believe could see amazing returns.

You’ll need to understand the real estate market, your local commercial market, economics, business, investment strategies, and more. You’ll also need to understand how to make smart investments that will give you and your clients returns over time.

Investors of this nature might also get involved with property management, becoming a landlord, rentals, and more. Commercial real estate investors can make $10,000/month.

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