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Revit structure training courses are mandatory for employees who envision hassle-free, real-time projects. It increases imagination, improves creativity and assures quality in final designs. 

Architects and engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create technical illustrations. This software is used for design documentation. It has helped the construction field immensely,Guest Posting as it saves time and effort and focuses on giving accurate results. The software helps visualise concepts using 2D or 3D programs.

Photorealistic rendering assists in showing how designs would appear in the real world. Several design institutes and colleges have introduced AutoCAD in their courses. Engineers and interior designers enrol for such courses separately. It helps them leverage their existing skill sets and compete using the latest technologies.

It is easy to create, modify, analyse and optimise designs in AutoCAD, increasing the productivity of the designer. Clients believe there is drastic improvement in quality when the software is used daily. This software helps communicate directly with clients. Changes are made instantly, allowing immediate approvals.

Most construction and design companies prefer individuals with adept software skills. Companies  seek candidates well-versed in AutoCAD. Some companies provide internal training to ensure all employees are conversant with the software.  They offer training in seven architectural tools, namely:

  • AutoCAD
  • SketchUp Pro
  • 3Ds Max
  • Corel Draw
  • Photoshop
  • Revit Architecture
  • V Ray

There is an increase in Revit jobs in Mumbai, since companies have realised the benefits of using CAD. Most job listings are available online. The software has helped companies take prompt decisions and visualise designs in advance. It assists effective planning and implementation of plans in real life. There are institutes that offer online or classroom training, as per individual choice and comfort. Working employees prefer online courses, for convenience of time and cost. Institutes offer full-time classroom sessions for beginners and prepare them to face industry challenges.

Revit structure training courses are offered in several institutes. There are institutes that guarantee 100% placement assistance, after successful completion of the course. Some institutes offer internship programmes so that students work on real projects. At times, companies absorb qualified interns as permanent employees. Some recruitment agencies even have tie-ups with construction and design firms. Companies prefer individuals who have experience inusing CAD.

Computer-aided design software is primarily used for architectural and structural designs. Architectural CAD includes AutoCAD, SketchUp Pro and Revit Architecture. Structural designs include Revit Structure and Robot Structural Analysis. Apart from CAD internship programmes, companies provide architectural design internship programmes too. The training programme focuses on imparting in-depth knowledge to students. Certified trainers are responsible for conducting the training. Trainers focus on engaging students and therefore ask them to submit small assignments to test their skills.

The essential duties of a CAD operator are to craft blueprints, visualise designs and maintain accuracy. The drawings are used in building designs or structural designs. Clients can visualise how the end-product will appear and make changes accordingly. Students enrolled for CAD should understand equations, calculations and instructions from engineers before designing. They will initially use manual drawings for building interiors and copy the same on the computer. It is easy to draw plans for structural foundations and give instructions on the drawing and enables one-to-one communication between the client and the engineer. All doubts can be resolved using this software.

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