Top Online Architectural Design Courses AEC Professionals Cannot Miss!

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Professionals can now learn Revit Architecture from their homes with these online Revit Architecture courses.

Architectural professionals require diverse skill sets to take on multiple projects. These skills are acquired by learning different software.

Autodesk Authorised Training Centres (ATCs) offer AEC (architecture,Guest Posting engineering, construction) professionals several online architecture design courses to learn Revit Architecture. They are as follows:

Revit Architecture (Comprehensive)

In this Revit Architecture online course, AEC professionals can upgrade their skills in Revit from the comfort of their homes by watching high-definition videos at their own pace and in their own time. By enrolling for this course, participants can learn to design complex building models within a short time.

Revit Architecture (Essentials)

This online Revit course covers key topics in Revit, such as ‘Drawing and Modifying Structural Elements’, ‘Drawing and Modifying Basic Walls, Doors, Windows and Openings’, ‘Floors’, ‘Ceilings’, ‘Roofs’, ‘Annotation Construction Documents’ and more.

Revit Architecture (Advanced)

Professionals who wish to learn the latest features introduced in Revit Architecture can enrol for this course. Learn about the key features of Revit Architecture and be able to deal with architectural design scenarios from various viewpoints.

Revit Architecture (Family Creation)

This course focuses on Family Concepts and Techniques that enable the creation of customised libraries according to industry standards.

Revit Architecture (Team Collaboration)

In this course, participants can understand the full capabilities of a Central File and deal with architectural/engineering design teams from various viewpoints.

Revit Architecture (Rendering)

This course focuses on the rendering aspect of Revit Architecture. Learn about the rendering techniques in Revit for images, walk-throughs and VR presentations.

These online Revit courses help AEC professionals learn specific tools about Revit Architecture at their convenience and acquire new skills to take on diverse AEC projects.

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