Convert Your Passion for Interior Design into a Career with 3ds Max and V-Ray

Apr 7


Prabhat Singh

Prabhat Singh

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Improve career opportunities in interior design with an online 3ds Max with V-Ray course


Most of us have career goals and work hard to achieve them. However,Convert Your Passion for Interior Design into a Career with 3ds Max and V-Ray Articles life is unpredictable, and these goals sometimes take a backseat. But with the advent of online courses, people now have an opportunity to pursue their unfulfilled dreams.

Those who want to work in interior design can enrol for online courses in 3ds Max and V-Ray offered by V-Ray training centres in Mumbai.

So, what does an instructor-led, online 3ds Max with V-Ray course offer?

In this course, candidates learn professional 3D modelling, texturing, using camera and lighting for exterior and interior scenes and rendering with V-Ray to deliver world-class architectural 3D renderings to customers.

Architects and interior designers prefer in-depth and detailed visuals, such as photorealistic images, walk-throughs/fly-throughs and 360-degree virtual environments for large-scale 3D modelling projects. The software 3ds Max is designed to store heavy 3D modelling files that help develop these visuals.

On course completion, candidates can apply for jobs as 3D visualisers.

Several Autodesk Authorised Training Centres (ATCs), along with CAD/BIM training courses in Mumbai, offer online instructor-led courses in 3ds Max and V-Ray. This course offers candidates the following benefits.

  • Learn 3ds Max and V-Ray in real time with an industry-experienced trainer.
  • The course is divided equally between theory and practical sessions.
  • Get all course-related questions answered in real-time.
  • On course completion, candidates receive an Autodesk course completion certificate.
  • The placement department of an ATC offers job assistance on course completion.

For more information about online 3ds Max courses, contact an ATC or a V-Ray training centre in Mumbai.