Extreme 2007 - Going The Distance

Mar 1


Keji Giwa

Keji Giwa

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World wide deaths in 2006 - over 56 Million! Causes of death: Heart disease, stroke, cancer, natural disaster, accidents, terrorism, suicide, homicide, hunger, jealousy, fun, cannibalistic, wild animals, mistakes, death sentences, depression, poverty , old age- Now read on!

For some reason,Extreme 2007 - Going The Distance Articles if you are reading this article, you are not yet a victim to one of the above mentioned causes of deaths worldwide. With over 56 million deaths each year, that’s 155,000 people a day, the causes of death can happen to just about anyone. You tend to wonder if the things we worry about are really worth worrying about. You got fired at work, so what? at least you are not dead.

Die! and you don’t have to worry about being fired from work. The truth of the matter is we are all going to die. Maybe not of starvation because you are not living in a poverty stricken country, but that does not mean that you couldn’t die from a car accident, unplanned accident, disease, heart attack, plane crash or in your sleep. Isn’t it amazing? If this is the case, what on earth are you worried about.

Fear of losing? you will lose it all when you die. Fear of failure? your heart will fail someday, Fear of rejection? your body will someday reject the will to live on. Fear of pain? I hear it actually hurts a bit when you die. Fear of loneliness? when you die, I am sure you die alone, no one else will be coming with you. They may watch you die, but you are going alone.

Knowing all these, don’t you think it’s time you let go of your fears and live a lot. Find meaning to life by finding your purpose in life, connect with nature and find spiritual freedom, clear your conscience of guilt, worry, regret and pain because they don’t live here no more.

Live for today, plan for tomorrow and leave a legacy for others to follow. Make 2007 a year to let go and let live. Discover - Grow - Enjoy - Share - Love - Appreciate - Be Grateful and Leave a Legacy.

Regards,By Keji Giwa http://www.careerinsights.tv

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