Navigating the Path to Nursing in Canada

Apr 12




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The demand for nurses in Canada is soaring, with projections indicating a need for over 60,000 additional nurses by 2022, as reported by the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). This figure is anticipated to escalate to a staggering 142,000 by the next decade. The World Economic Forum corroborates the enduring demand for nursing professionals, emphasizing the critical role they will play in the healthcare sector for years to come. Amidst this backdrop, RNForce emerges as a leading NCLEX RN application processing agency, offering comprehensive services to facilitate the journey of international nurses seeking to establish their careers in Canada, the USA, and Australia.


The Growing Need for Nurses in Canada

The Current Landscape

The Canadian healthcare system is facing an acute shortage of nursing staff,Navigating the Path to Nursing in Canada Articles a situation exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus outbreak has not only increased the demand for healthcare workers within existing facilities but also necessitated additional human resources in alternative care settings. Nurses are at the forefront of this demand, playing a pivotal role in maintaining public health and well-being.

Government Initiatives

In response to the crisis, the Canadian government is actively pursuing measures to attract more international nurses. Embracing healthcare workforce diversity is seen as a key strategy in pandemic planning and response. This approach includes the recruitment of international nurses, which is expected to enhance health services for all Canadians.

The Bright Future for Nurses

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the future for nursing in Canada is promising. The country is committed to recruiting more nurses and providing them with exceptional job opportunities and avenues for career development. This positive outlook is fueled by a global recognition of the critical importance of nurses and a commitment to offering them the support and compensation they deserve.

Immigration and Licensure for International Nurses

Immigration Schemes

Canada offers a variety of immigration schemes for nurses from other countries looking to start a career in Canadian healthcare. These programs are designed to streamline the process of becoming a licensed nurse in Canada.

NCLEX RN: A Gateway to Nursing Practice

The NCLEX RN exam is a crucial step for nurses aiming to practice in the USA, Canada, and Australia. However, applicants often face significant delays in scheduling their exams. In a recent development, nurses who have passed the US NCLEX RN are now eligible to work as registered nurses in Canada, simplifying the transition for many.

RNForce: Your Partner in Licensure

RNForce stands out as the premier NCLEX RN application processing agency, with branches in the USA, India, and the Middle East. Their services include assistance with the NCLEX exam application process, guidance on green card and visa procedures for nurses and their families, RN license transfers, and support for RN exam retakes. Thousands of NCLEX RN applicants have successfully obtained their RN licenses through RNForce, minimizing delays and securing positions in reputable hospitals across the USA, Canada, and Australia.

For more details on how RNForce can assist you in becoming a licensed nurse abroad, contact them today.

Interesting Statistics and Trends

While the shortage of nurses is a widely acknowledged issue, there are some lesser-known statistics and trends that shed light on the situation:

  • According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), as of 2019, there were approximately 439,975 regulated nurses in Canada, with the majority being Registered Nurses (RNs) (CIHI, 2020).
  • A study by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) found that Canada could face a shortage of nearly 60,000 full-time RNs by 2022, which could compromise patient care (CFNU, 2017).
  • The average age of nurses in Canada is increasing, with a significant portion of the nursing workforce nearing retirement age, further contributing to the shortage (Statistics Canada, 2019).

These statistics underscore the urgency of addressing the nursing shortage in Canada and highlight the importance of initiatives aimed at recruiting and retaining nursing talent from within the country and abroad.