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There are many types of nurse. And each one deals with separate responsibility and separate skills and knowledge.

Nursing a patient is viewed as one of the noblest work. Today,Guest Posting a profession of or a career in nursing has become the most popular segment of health care industry. According to government reports, registered nurses account for more than 2.4 million jobs in the US. A registered nurse career provides excellent job opportunities in hospitals, clinics, or trauma centers, and intensive care units.

A certain degree of medical qualification is imperative to apply for a career in registered nursing. Several nursing programs are offered for those interested in pursuing this as a career. Degree courses are for Associate's, Baccalaureate, Master's and Doctoral qualification. Diploma courses are also offered for registered nursing. The students have to clear the National Council Licensure Exam for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN) to obtain a nursing license.

Registered nurses can specialize in particular fields like pediatrics, neonatology, gerontology, trauma care, etc. Certain nurses prefer to specialize in the treatment of particular body organs like heart, lungs, kidney, uterus, and eyes, among others. For example there are specialized registered nurses to deal with patients suffering from coronary heart disease.

Certain nurses specialize according to the place of work. Summer camps and military locations are two such places which need specialized nurses to deal with certain situations. Traveling nurses are another separate category of registered nurses.

A nurse is generally supposed to help ailing patients to recover by taking proper care of their medication. If the patient has external injuries, then dressing the wounds is the nurseÂ's job. A nurse is also expected to keep a record of the patients' medical history, symptoms, diagnosis and allergies. A regular record of several factors like blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, etc. has also to be maintained.

It is the duty of registered nurses to educate the patient and his relatives about his medical condition. They also support the patients and his relatives emotionally and psychologically by creating a positive atmosphere as to the patients' recovery. They provide the essential advice for the patient which would be required post treatment.

Registered nurses work in conditions which can pose great threats to their own health. This is especially in case of nurses taking care of patients suffering from infectious diseases. They also must take care to protect themselves from needle pricks, radiation, chemicals, etc. The nurses are generally paid well in return for their services. They are also provided with insurance cover and health care benefits.

A registered nurse career can be pursued either as a part time or as a full time option. Though highly flexible and well paying, a career in registered nursing can be very demanding. However, excellent future prospects and growth potential has made this profession very attractive.

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