Graduate IT Jobs: Building Blocks to Success

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Graduate IT Jobs: Building Blocks to Success

IT graduate jobs are found in an industry that is young and constantly evolving. A breeding ground for innovation and technology,Guest Posting the IT industry offers exciting opportunities to an IT graduate. Jobs in IT are available with a diverse range of companies in virtually all industry sectors and government. Graduate IT jobs are frequently on offer because investment into IT systems and technology is strong, despite recent and ongoing market turmoil in the global financial system. The buoyancy of the IT job market in the UK in the last quarter of 2007 reinforces the resilience and long-term importance of IT. In the UK the strong jobs market was not just centred in London – Scotland and Northern Ireland recorded phenomenal growth as well. And with the lack of sufficient skilled employees, wages are being pushed upwards (see

IT Graduate careers are an excellent foundation for developing future success in the IT industry. Although specialised Computer Sciences or Information Technology degrees are not vital, graduates in these fields are at an advantage. Graduate IT jobs are widely available, with many resources available to an IT graduate. Jobs advisors at universities, online resources, and various industry events can give an aspiring IT professional valuable insights into what is required to succeed in IT. Graduate careers in IT can be developed using the following guidelines:

  1. Be confident with TechnologyIn an industry where today’s products become obsolete tomorrow, and the next-big-thing is always just around the corner, graduate IT jobs require candidates who are ready to take on challenges
  2. Learn QuicklyAbsorb new information and technological innovations quickly, and prove yourself as a valuable contributor to a company’s competitive advantage
  3. Build RelationshipsBeing a team player is vital in the IT industry, and building good relationships with your colleagues, seniors, and external parties will be a key to your success - technical skills must be balanced with interpersonal skills
  4. Never forget your customerOften working away from direct customer and end-user contact, IT professionals have developed a reputation for being indifferent and condescending towards non-IT colleagues and clients. Don’t live up to this stereotype!
  5. Never forget the bottom lineHaving a balance between technological awareness and business acumen will ensure a favourable attitude from management, because one of the most important functions of IT is to optimise efficiency and profitability
  6. Go above and beyondBeing passionate and dedicated to achieving results is crucial for an IT Graduate, jobs can often run over time and require IT professionals to work extra hours. Showing dedication to your project and outcomes for your stakeholders will make management feel confident about your contribution to the organisation
  7. Have patience!Many Graduate IT jobs require candidates to perform tedious and repetitive tasks, perseverance is vital – so keep your eye on the long-term goal
  8. Persevere! Persevere! Persevere!Be patient and remember that your first offer may not be the best one for your long term career goals

So whether you are trying to secure your first position, or in the early stages of your IT Graduate careers, keep these tips in mind to know what your employers are looking for. Search for Graduate IT jobs all over the UK on the IT Jobs for Graduates website today, visit


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