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If you’re a technical wiz,Guest Posting with your family and friends always coming to you with their IT and technical problems, have you ever considered using this to your advantage and working in the IT industry? The IT and Technology industry is fast developing, with exciting new developments in the ‘techie’ world, meaning more people are needed in the IT industry than ever before.

IT Support Worker

You will be at the frontline of technical queries in this IT role, advising and supporting employees or customers with any technical queries they have. This could be basic tasks like resetting forgotten passwords or downloading new software; or more complex specialist tasks like removing viruses or configuring software faults. There are plenty of possible promotion prospects associated with this role, so you can always find new challenges and experiences. Depending on the type of support role, you could be working on a shift basis in a call centre, or in a normal office on a Monday-Friday basis. A problem solving nature is a must in this IT job. You will need to have appropriate qualifications and experience with specialist knowledge of computer programming and software. Average salaries are around £25-30,000 although this will depend on the company.

IT Programmer

You will need to be a specialist high tech ‘problem solver’, as you will look at current problems within the business you work for and develop, test and implement new software’s and programmes that will improve the efficient day to day running of the business. This will be extremely detailed IT role, when a potential area for improvement is flagged by a member of staff or customer, you will analyse the situation with other IT professionals and attempt to problem solve, planning potential ways to improve the business. You will be mainly based at your desk, working in an IT team, developing and testing new software for maximum ease of use and efficiency. There are a range of qualifications you can obtain to qualify you for the job, although relevant experience will be needed for those higher mark salaries too. The average salary is around £23,000 for this IT job, although you could earn over double this! You salary will vary according to the complex nature of the programmes you develop and the previous experience you have.

User Experience

Depending on the size of the company, you could be working as the only UX tester with other IT professionals, or in a team who are all dedicated to improving the User Experience of the site. This IT job main task will be testing the website on behalf of the visitor, ensuring that it is as easy and straightforward to use as possible. You will be assisting in the further developments on the website, or smart phone mobile sites and applications for users. You may also be responding to queries some users of the site have sent about website problems and working with your team of Web Designers and Developers, or Software Programmers to improve the site, as much as you can. You’ll be working in the office, on a variety of different technology including computers, laptops, tablet devices and smart phones to assess the usability of the site according to each device. Salary will vary according to the company you are employed by, although it can be around £30-40,000.

There are many more IT jobs available, with more specialist roles focusing specifically on computer code programming.

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