ITIL Certification - Bridge Between V2 and V3 Libraries

Feb 20


Kelsey Libby

Kelsey Libby

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An overview of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Specifically, what ITIL Certification is, where to get the best ITIL Training, and why it's critical if you're pursuing a career as an IT professional.


Education is the most significant means of getting on the precise path to implement standards and best practices. Many of the best practice bodies have extensive education,ITIL Certification - Bridge Between V2 and V3 Libraries Articles and individual certification programs, that permit you to become an expert in your understanding of their standards.

ITIL has extensive personal certification program. The ITIL Version 2 series of certificate schemes includes:
• The Foundation Certificate
• The Practitioner's Certificate
• The Clustered Practitioner's Certificate and
• The Manager's Certificate

The ITIL certification V3 program includes: The Foundation Certificate, a choice of five Lifecycle Stage Certificates or five Capability Certificates, and an ITIL Expert Certificate. These certification courses are intended to teach students about the ITIL's language and terms. The program provides knowledge about the philosophy of ITIL service management.

ITIL Certification V3 (version 3) courses, aims at information technologists, such as employees of the IT companies who are involved in sustaining and delivering IT services, and just about anyone else who needs to comprehend ITIL, and service management best practices.

The certification system is based on the requirements for successfully satisfying the appropriate role within an IT organization. Till 2005, Foundation Certificates were awarded to over 250,000 IT professionals, in more than 100 countries. The Foundation Certificate is for personnel who have to be aware of the major activities in the IT service support and delivery, and the relationship between them. The Practitioner Certificate is aimed at the practical level, of how to perform tasks within a specific ITIL process.

The Manager Certificate is for those who are required to control all the ITSM processes, to counsel on the structure and optimization of the process, and to execute them in a way that meets the business needs of the organization. Today ITIL is distinguished as the global de facto standard for IT Service Management, and represents much more than a series of functional publications. The framework of ITIL best practices in IT Service Management is a complete industry of user and vendor organizations, formal training and qualification providers, tools and consulting services. Over the years, emphasis has shifted from the development of IT applications, to the management of IT services.

With the growing responsibility of information, Information System and IT Service Management, the management requirements for IT rise as well. Thus more people are getting ITIL certification to become part of the IT world.

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