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I was jobless at the begining of graduate from a university, it is a hard way from jobless to a sucessful businessman. I will never forget it.

Ten years ago,Guest Posting I graduated from the most famous university in our province. At that time, I was sure I could find a good job, so were my parents, but the following suffers proved that we were wrong, it was so difficult to find a good job in China if you had no money or poor background. But I spent more than two years to understand the fact, I insisted that I would never go to work unless I found a good and suitable job, so I was jobless again and again for more than two years.At last, I submitted because I was not a fool and found the fact was so cruel. I left home and went to Shenzhen city, it took me one month to find a job to be a foreign trader in a cosmetic mirror factory. That was my first job, I liked it very much and worked very hard. But international trade was not my major, I felt hard to do my work. I learned while working, it was a hard period but I liked it. There were some classmates in the same city and district, we often met in weekends, we played and chated, I was very happy which it didn't exist in the past two years.I stayed in the factory for almost one year. At that time, some friends contacted with me and ask me if we could do some business together, I said yes! Then we consulted and decided to found a small shoe factory. I borrowed some money, though not too much, we eight persons' money was a nice amount. We hired a big room for our factory, at first we didn't employ any workers because we eight were enough at the begining.We made and sold shoes by ourselves, it was really very hard. At the forward two monthes, the profit was less than pay, we ate and slept less, all of us lost a big weight. The hopes from family and friends challenged us to insist. Fortunatly and absolutely, the condition became better and better, we had a good domestic market, then we built a online shop called to do foreign trade. And now our domestic and foreign business all go well, we also sell clothing, handbags and fashion accessories. We are rich now, but we will never forget the hard times that have gone. It tell us never give up and waste.And Welcome to visit our website: (Online Livechat)

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