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In ... like ... my country, it is a moral value that what your elders decide goes no matter how big or personal the matter is that is even about their careers or even worse their ...

In countries like Pakistan,Guest Posting my country, it is a moral value that what your elders decide goes no matter how big or personal the matter is that is even about their careers or even worse their weddings.

Hey I am not saying that these decisions totally go wrong or something, they are quite experienced people and have seen high and lows of life and some of the decisions are really master strokes and it is helpful when the kids are spoilt for choices that is can't decide or confused or know nothing what is going around (Yeah I know these kind of people and I advise them to listen to their parents) but people don't really face same experiences in their lives, some thing that was miraculous to someone may turn out to be a nightmare for someone else.

It worsens when they almost force their children what they feel is right for them. When a girl is doing well in her studies then she will/have to become a doctor and for boys it is Engineering or one other option is BBA (He may choose to be doctor that is also okay) even if he she wanted to be a fashion designer or something.
A example of this sort happened when brother of my friend was forced to be a doctor when he really wanted to do hotel management .Now the guy is sick of his life as he is sensitive and can't stand burnt or bruised people. This could easily been avoided if his parents respected their son's wish and helped him on his way instead of making him take profession of their choice. (It is also because a Doctor or Engineer is a highly respected person in our society and someone related to him/her is also respected). How can somebody do something when not interested in it he would make matters worse for him and also for the people around him.
One of my classmate fells in the same category as he has no interest in the subject whatsoever and unfortunately for me he is in my group so we have to cope with his lack of co-operation and do his work, which makes us frustrated and angry at times. One misplaced being making all of us feeling miserable.

One of the reasons for this is that parent want to secure the future for their kids as every parent rightfully would and feel that that only a few notable professions are enough respected or give enough outcomes to lead a successful life. I blame this on the government, as there are no career plans made for the youth or no guideline. They are no advisors or planners who would help students and inform their parents about the positives and negatives of any profession. One more thing here is people are most interested in things, which are
the flavor of the month and supported by the government really ignoring all others.

Another thing is inherited professions like a barber's son would have to be a barber and a business man son's must look after his family business. Come on this is really stupid ever body has its wish and desires.

I have a suggestion that the parents should let their children decide what is good or bad for themselves and if the parents have some reservations about it then they must discuss it with their kids and take them in confidence over it so they may not feel that they are living in hell.

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