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Java is an object oriented programming language. Java is said to be the most secure language over the network. One of the important features of language is that it is platform independent. It can be compiled and run over any operating system. It is often said that java projects are very hard to handle. The syllabus of java is very bulk that is why very few persons have full command over it. This article is written in order to provide some useful and important information related to java so that people who are preparing for java development jobs could be able to clear their interview round.

Java was firstly discovered by James Gosline. It was discovered in Sun Micro System. Java comes in picture when there was the requirement of secure networking sites. Java works on the basic of OOPS concept. OOPS stands for Object Oriented Programming System. Some of the basic questions regarding java are listed below:

1. Describe oops?
OOPS stands for object oriented programming language. In this type of language the programming is base on object. Some of its features are Inheritance,Guest Posting Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction etc.

2. What are the main features of java?
It is very clear that these are the java properties asked don't try to tell object oriented features. Some of the java properties are compiler and interpreter, secure, robust, platform independent etc.

3. How java is platform independence?
In java compiler assembly language coding is done. Motherboards which are built today can only understand three type of assembly level code. These all three type of codes are given in the form of if else in java compiler. That is why java is able to run on all type of machines.

4. How java is secure?
Java does not have the concept of pointers in it. So it is not possible to work on memory address. Thus java is a highly secure language.

5. What is an abstract class?
Abstract class is partially implemented class. Some of the methods in this class are complete but some of them are partially completed. One important thing is that we cannot make the object of this class.

6. What is interface?
Interface in java are fully abstract. Interface basically used to fulfill the requirement of multiple inheritances.

Thus these are some basic question regarding to java programming language. If you are going to give an interview on java you must read this article one.

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