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Those who focus on the journey in getting those results actually have the most satisfaction in getting to what they want to achieve. It's all about the Process. 

You have probably heard it said – we live in a results oriented society.  Perhaps you have heard that from bosses where you work.  Or perhaps you have heard it in some sort of advertisement via the media.  As a coach,Guest Posting I’m always working with clients to be a partner with them as they move toward achieving their goals.  Achieving a goal or getting the results you desire can be great things.  However, if in reaching what you are looking to obtain, you are also not in alignment with the process it takes to get there, I can assure you that you will be fighting with yourself every step of the way.

I’m a big believer in process.  When I began focusing on coaching many of my clients through career search, one of the things that made me know that I could help them is having been trained in a process that was complete, research based and which made sense.   I’ve been using that process with clients in career change and job search for over 18 months now.  While actual searches can take a great deal of time, I have not had a client who has come back to me and said that the process we have been using doesn’t make sense.  There is always a sense of progress because there is a movement forward from identifying that which they want, to researching it, to sharing where they are moving to with others, to actually making contact with others and speaking about their search.  Those clients who have struggled against process, (for example applying for job after job through want ads, without building a solid foundation in building their campaign), have suffered the disappointment of feeling they have made no progress in their search.

Different individuals go through process in different ways.  Those who tend to think more from a logical perspective like to organize their steps.  They may have TO DO lists, and like to have detailed plans with one thing lined up after another.  Others who tend to think more creatively, may prefer to do their processing in a more intuitive approach.  They may like to sketch out their thoughts.  They may be ones who tend to drive off of a vision they have for themselves.  Which approach is correct?  Frankly, either approach is if the person going through the steps is energized by the approach they are taking.  Studies have often found that those who are able to adapt a bit of both philosophies, one of having a detailed strategy along with the willingness to be open and creative in terms of exploring different approaches, actually most often enjoy the steps of process.  Actually taking such an approach takes a lot of commitment.  Most people tend to be either focused with the logical approach (left-brained), or the intuitive approach (right-brained).  However, those open to learning and using the approach most non-natural to them and combining it to what is natural to them, do find benefits to gain by stepping out of their comfort zone.

If you feel like you are not making progress in whatever it is that has your attention at present in your life, don’t let the frustration get to you.  Take a step back and examine the steps you are taking.  Are you using the same ones over and over again?  Are you using them because you were told they are the steps you should take?  Do you have other approaches you would like to explore?  Do you feel the need for assistance through the process by reaching out to a non-judgmental accountability partner whose only intention is to encourage you to move forward?  Results may indeed be what most focus on to measure success.  Those who focus on the journey in getting those results actually have the most satisfaction in getting to what they want to achieve.

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