Trident Technical College is Part of South Caroline Technical College System

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A two year college located in Charleston , South Carolina , in United States , Trident Technical College serves Charleston , Dorchester and Berkeley in South Carolina . It is the part of South Carolina Technical College System.

Every semester around 12,Guest Posting000 students working for college transfer with associate degrees and technical associate degrees, diplomas and certificate come out of the college. Main campus of the college is located at 7000 Rivers Avenue , North Charleston , SC 29406 and the Palmer campus is located at 66 Columbus St. Charleston , SC 29403 . Other campuses are Berkeley Campus and St. Paul Parish Site Campus.
Programs Offered
Programs offered by TTC includes Aeronautical Studies, business technology, community family as well as child studies, visual arts, culinary arts, film media, hospitality, tourism, law, nursing, science, mathematics, and allied science. Popular degrees and majors offered include physical science, security and protective service, public administration, personal and culinary services, visual and performing arts, communication and journalism, business, management, and marketing etc. In addition, the college offers extensive health study programs.
Brief History
With the merger of Berkeley Charleston-Dorchester Technical Education Center with the Palmer College , the Trident Technical College was born in 1973. Berkeley center started with two buildings in 1964 and was expanded into the Trident College in 1973. Berkeley campus in 1982 and Palmer campus in 1986 were added. 147 acres of land was purchased during 1993-94 near downtown Charleston and complex for economic development was set up in 2005. St. Paul 's Parish site campus was set up in 2008.
Unique Features
Accelerated program, cross registration, double major, distance learning, dual enrollment for high school students, independent study, internship, and ESL are some of the unique options offered by the college.
Open admission policy is followed by the college. Transfer students are not ignored. However both SAT and ACT scores are important.
Student Support
Trident Technical College provides extensive disability supports along with remedial instructions, study skill assistance and tutoring and counseling in various aspects. Counseling includes adult student services, alcohol and drugs abuse, career and academic counseling and employment service. For details one can visit the college directory at the state university website.
Financial Aids
Trident Technical College offers federal, state, local, and institutional grants, scholarships, and student loans. Aids are applied using the FAFSA form. Financial assistance is readily available for students in the college, the details of which can be viewed at the state university website. 

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Trident Technical College offers support services for students like extensive undergraduate evening and early morning classes. Learning center, reduced course load, study skills assistance and tutoring including online education facilities are some of the student friendly features of the college.

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