Understanding How to Become a Security Guard

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Ever wondered how it would be like to work as a security guard, but never knew how to become one. Discover the minimal educational requirements, training requirements and find out where you can and how to apply.´for a license.

Like any other profession in the world,Guest Posting becoming a security guard requires that one meets some qualifications. Due to this, it is highly important for one to understand all these requirements. Through this article, I am going to share with you what you need to understand about how to become a security guard.What are the minimal requirements for one to become a security guard?This is a question that one might be struggling to get answers to. Here are three things that one must meet before joining the security profession.Be an adult- It is against the law in many countries for one to go for child labor. Due to this, one must be at least 18 years of old before joining the security profession.Clean record- A clean record exempting one from any form of crime is also a necessity. This is simply because no one or no organization would be willing to work with a criminal to fight crime or safeguard property and persons against harm by criminals. Security training- it is mandatory that one undergoes the security training before becoming a guard. The training is essential in that it equips one with the skills needed when responding to various criminal activities that might arise when one is on duty. Where a security guard is to be armed, training is essential in that it enables one to learn how to use weapons such as guns etc. above all, training is essential in that it equips one with the accepted code of conduct in the security profession.What is the type of training required for security guards?The type of training required for one to qualify for a security guard job varies from state to state and country to country. For example, in some states in the U.S, one may be required to attend to completion an eight hour course on the power to arrest alongside successfully sitting for security guard exams. This will qualify one to apply for a security guard's job. However, after being hired, one may be required to undergo further training for not less than 16 hours within his/her 30 days of employment.In other states, in addition to the eight hour training similar to the one discussed above, one may be required to undergo further training for about 16 hours within his/her first 90 days of employment. In case one is to become an armed security guard, more learning will then be required. Some states may require that one undergoes this training for at least 47 hours.How and where can one apply to be a security guard?Usually, the application process involves filling of information either in writing or electronically. This normally takes place at the bureau of security or at the division of criminal justice or online on the websites of the respective state security divisions.Once the application is approved, one will now be required to commence the training. The state's security department provides a list of all the institutions approved to offer security training be it online or offline.

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