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What is the NCLEX? This is a common question among a lot of individuals especially those who are about to embark on a nursing career. If you are one of those wondering just what the acronym NCLEX stands for, this article will give you a better idea about just what it is and what it means for aspiring nurses.

What is the NCLEX? This is often asked by many people,Guest Posting and in particular, individuals and students who are interested in a nursing career. If you're one of those who wish to know what these letters mean, this article will give you a better idea about just what it is and how it can affect aspiring nurses.

The NCLEX is an acronym for National Council Licensure Examination which is the test that all would-be nurses would have to pass in order to obtain a nursing license. For graduates of the 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or the 2-year Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), taking the NCLEX-RN and successfully hurdling it, is the last challenge they must overcome to become a registered nurse or RN. At the same time, graduates of a Licensed Practical Nursing degree or LPN will also need to take the NCLEX-PN for a practical nurse license.

To be able to qualify for the exam, a nursing graduate would have to accomplish the list of requirements set by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing or NCBSN, the regulating body that administers the NCLEX. Listed among the requirements are the payment of a registration fee, fingerprint scans, and submission of pertinent school records. There are also academic requirements that need to be completed and these will be part of the coursework in the nursing school.

Nursing schools which are known for their high standards ensure that their graduates are fully equipped with the right combination of theoretical knowledge and technical skills that will prepare them for the demands of a nursing career. Of course, nothing can be learned overnight and the know-how they eventually acquire is a product of years of training. So although the weeks before the NCLEX may be a bit stressful for nursing graduates, those who have been diligent in their studies should be more confident in facing the licensure test.

Composed of 265 questions, the actual NCLEX-RN test is a mixture of things which the student should have implanted in his/her memory already as well as practical and comprehension questions. The test has a time limit of six hours. Once the examinee reaches 75 correct answers, the test is done and he or she would have passed the NCLEX already. That minimum number was determined to be the benchmark by which students can be considered as skilled and knowledgeable enough to be called a professional nurse.

Aspiring nurses need wonder no more what is the NCLEX as we now know that is the final hurdle to getting a professional nursing license.

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