What it Takes to Work as a Home-based Customer Service Representative

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To work as a home-based customer service representative you must be proficient in the English language, familiar with computer programs and the internet browser, and have a reliable computer and internet connection.

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As a customer service representative, it is your job to be the voice of various corporations or companies you represent. You are responsible for keeping your customers and the organization you work for in touch and in accord.  Thus, it is your job to handle incoming customer calls and inquiries. You have to answer their questions regarding the company’s products and services to the best of your abilities to ensure that quality customer service is provided. Sometimes, you also have to handle outgoing follow-up or survey calls to ascertain if the customer’s problems have been duly given attention and if the product is now okay for use.  Other times, customer service representatives handle live chat session online to help provide customer service solutions to clients needing assistance and provide information about the product to resolve complaints.


To qualify for this position, company specifications and requirements may vary. However, some of the basic things required to work as a home-based customer service representative include:


1. Proficiency in the English Language  


A proficiency in the English language is necessary to be hired as a customer service representative. Since your major responsibility is to provide voice customer support to customers who will be from around the globe, good English communication skills is necessary. Aside from this, a clear speaking voice and good telephone manners will also help.


2. Equipment Requirements


Companies require that applicants have an updated computer with compatible operating system. A good computer is necessary so that data can be easily processed without any delays. It must also have enough memory space to store often large programs and database platforms that companies will install on your computer once you are hired.


Software programs such as Word or Excel installed in the computer is needed, too, since the nature of the job is mostly on typing. A high-speed Web and landline connection, a professional-quality headset, and a quiet room to work on are also part of the specifications. This is to avoid any interruption in service while catering to the needs of the customer.  


3. Computer Literacy


One of the largest requirements companies are looking for is computer literacy. Since most of the job is done online using a computer, you must be familiar with the programs in your computer and must be able to understand the workings of your internet browser.


The work of a home-based customer representative is quite broad and tedious. If you plan a career in this line, you should be familiar with the details of this job.


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