What's Your Interview Approach?

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It is now time for the interview and you need to get your interview approach right. By preparing carefully and well in advance, all details are taken care of in an organized manner.

So you have prepared for all kinds of commonly asked questions,Guest Posting practiced your answers, got your industry and company information ready, your questions ready, you are dressed out well for the interview and now here it is – the big hour. You are nervous. Despite all your preparation the interviewer could ask you the one thing that you might not have prepared for or the one thing that you might forget. You conjure up images of all that could go wrong, you are sweaty in the palms and nervous as you anticipate the interviewers tearing you apart. What if they find someone much before your turn comes? How come everyone else looks more relaxed and knowledgeable? What if you cannot answer a single question?

Here is where your interview approach comes in. Relax. Close your eyes and take a deep breath into your abdomen. Feel the abdomen rise and fall like a baby’s. Do it a couple of times until you feel your nerves steadying a bit. The first thing you need to do as you approach the interview is to relax.

Remember that you have prepared as hard as you could. There is nothing you can do now except put your best foot forward. Enjoy the scenery, read a book or a magazine. Stop looking at everyone else around wondering if you should be cramming for some more information.

Think of the nice times. Think of your victories. Of all your achievements. Your accomplishments. The moments that made you feel good about yourself. Feel your inner confidence boost you up.

Think positive thoughts. Stop all negative thoughts about what might happen if they ask tough questions etc. Think positively and fill your head with positive thoughts of how you would be a success at the interview, at the job and at your career.

Visualize an easy and successful interview. Visualize yourself answering questions with ease. Visualize a friendly and amicable interviewer or a panel. It helps to alleviate your mood and in turn will make a favorable impression on the interviewers.

Think of the interview as an animated conversation. Stop thinking of the interview as a stress filled interrogation and more in terms of an animated conversation you will be having with people in the same area of business. That will alter your approach from being defensive to being participative and show qualities of team work and receptivity in you.

Think of your strengths. Focus on your strengths. Forget about the weaknesses. There is not much you can do about them. If you have to think of your weaknesses, think of them as strengths turned inside out and word them accordingly instead of flaying yourself with them. Use them to your advantage.

Be punctual. Be early at the venue because that helps in acclimatizing to the environment and in learning or clarifying any bits of information that you may need to before your interview.

Use everything to your advantage. Try to use everything to your advantage. Remain courteous, unruffled, energetic and enthusiastic. This is an opportunity to show them the best side that you have, the side that will come out when there are challenges on the job. There is no point hiding your energy and enthusiasm for later. Put it up there during the interview. Be the best you can.

Now. Are you feeling better?

Good luck tiger!

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