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Nov 29


Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels

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Are you truly using technology in your web business? Beforeyou answer yes, stop a moment and consider how manypromotion or marketing tasks take place at your websitewithout you lifting a finger.


Perhaps your site signs up new opt-in subscribers for youwhile you sleep. If so,Clever Profit Growth Software Articles that's ONE automated task. Maybeorders are accepted securely without your intervention.That's TWO. But can you keep counting?

If you have a little trouble going beyond that, what followswill help you.

As you probably already know, perhaps the most powerful ofall applications on the Internet is the CGI script. CGIstands for the "Common Gateway Interface". It is a standardfor interfacing external applications with informationservers, such as HTTP or Web servers. If you have a website,more than likely you already have cgi based software runningat your site. But your profits could probably benefit greatlyfrom a few more.

Now don't worry, I'm not going to go into a long, boringexplanation of how to install cgi scripts. I'll save thatfor the techhies. Instead, I'll simply share a wide varietyof scripts that are ideal for small business ownerslooking to grow website traffic and sales.

(Note: If you're not at all familiar with CGI, is a great place to learn about howit works. Remember, if it all seems too confusing, fear not.Using CGI can be as simple as picking out a script andhaving someone else set it up!)

Anyway, on with the scripts...


Automark is a cgi script that will automatically pop up a"bookmark" suggestion box for first-time visitors to yourwebsite. While this can be accomplished using straightjavacode, this script will not annoy regular visitors bypopping up the window every time they return. The first timea new visitor hits your "target page" the bookmark windowpops up, but never again. This is a great way to get yoursite bookmarked by more visitors.


MailNow allows you to provide web-based email to your users.Its web-based email product provides unlimited addresses formultiple domains. A free email account is a great giveawaythat ensures constant repeat visitors to your site.

Master Subscriber Pro

This program automates joint ventures with other ezinepublishers. Using this script your visitors can subscribe toan unlimited number of ezines without leaving your websiteto do so. Locate a few ezine publishers with trafficcomparable to yours and you'll all increase your newsubscriber signups!

Protect It

This script offers a simple way to setup .htaccess or.nsconfig type user authentication to your web directoriesusing username / password. It is a solid solution formanaging private site signups. This script features auto-creation and expiration of accounts, account edit features,a customizable email template, and many other configurablesettings.

Master Reciprocal Links

Most search engines favor sites with links from othersimilar sites. But growing and maintaining a list of linkscan be a lot of work. Here's a free script that willautomate these tasks for you. Not only does the program makeit easy to maintain a links page, it also finds out who thecheats are!

Your Own Associate Program

Leverage the efforts of hundreds or even thousands of otherwebmasters by opening up an affiliate program at your site.This script by Paul Galloway runs my program automaticallyand is used by many high-profile marketers.

Master Syndicator

Do you offer articles, images or other content towebmasters, to use on their own sites? Here's a way toautomate the process -- for you AND them! This script letswebmasters add two lines of JavaScript code on their page atthe location where your content is to appear. Then, all youdo is paste your column into your own Syndicator form andwith one click you can automatically update everysyndication websites' pages, all at once. Pretty slick eh?

CDomain Pro

This script contains a domain lookup which helps yourvisitors find existing domains and it also includes apowerful domain name wizard. The wizard combines descriptivewords that your visitors enter and presents them with a listof related domain names that are available. If you are adomain name reseller, this lightning-fast, user friendlyscript is ideal, as it can take your visitors right to yourdomain name registration service. I liked this one so much Ihad it installed at my site! You can demo it at:

If you feel that any of these scripts would enhance yourwebsite, visit the URL and learn more. Or, if you have anidea for your site and would like to automate the process,you can search for a script at .

And remember, don't pass up a script because of limitedknowledge of cgi. While you can install cgi scripts on yourserver yourself, you can also hire someone else to do it.The key is to never stop transforming your site into apowerful lead and sale generator - and these scripts do justthat!

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