A Complete Overview of Satellite TV

Dec 28


David Johnson

David Johnson

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As it currently stands at this present time there are three separate satellite TV service providers serving the public in the U.S. and they are Sky Angel, DirecTV and Dish Network. While Sky Angel broadcasts only Christian oriented programming for their viewers, DirecTV and Dish Network cover a broad variety of genres of programming that is marketed for the general public. While Dish Network and DirecTV do have their similarities they also have many unique feature that separate their styles of programming and marketing.


DirecTV General Information:When DirecTV made its debut in 1994 it was in completely digital format which was a first for TV viewers. This was all made possible by their having the first digital broadcast satellite ever made and launched into orbit. DirecTV is a subsidiary of Hughes Electronics,A Complete Overview of Satellite TV Articles which is why they only feature Hughes Electronics satellite TV systems and components.. With a 15 million viewer customer base DirecTV is currently the largest satellite TV provider in the U.S.General Programming Info:Currently DirecTV offers a total of 250 channels of a mixed blend of programming genres that are available in a total of three standard programming packages although they do have a wide choice of foreign programming packages as well. Their smallest package is called Total Choice and it contains 155 programming channels, three movie channels and 60 XM satellite radio music programming channels. Their Total choice plus package contains 185 standard programming channels, three movie channels and the 60 music channels. Their top package is called Total Choice Premier and contains 250 channels with three movie and 60 radio channels as well.DirecTV components:DirecTV gives you all that you need to get started watching satellite TV when you sign up for an extended programming agreement and this includes a free satellite TV system. You have your choice of several receivers that have a number of feature options including DVR.Dish Network General Info:Dish Network made its debut in 1996 and is a subsidiary of Echo Star Corp. They are the second largest satellite TV service provider with over 12 million viewers. They also hold the distinction of being highest ranked in over all customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and associates.General Programming Info:Dish Network currently carries a total of 350 programming channels that are available in five seperate packages of verying size. They offer an entry level budget package that can start a viewer out with just 40 channels if they are on a tight budget. Their largest package the Americas everything pak contains 350 programming channels, 67 Sirius satellite radio channels, 52 music channels and four premium movie channels. Dish Network also carries a wide selection foreign language channels and packages. Dish Network Components:Just like direcTV dish network also give you an entire satellite TV system free of charge when you sign up for and extended programming agreement. They have a broad choice of receivers and also give you several choices in feature options in your receiver, including DVR. They also have a free installation policy that covers the entire system and three rooms and all work and hardware is guaranteed.