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Luxury mobile phones are really gaining popularity day by day. More and more people are purchasing such cell phones for themselves. Well, these luxury phones simply enhance your standard of living.

The recently launched cellular phones are quite common among the users who want to get the best facility from the handsets which are owed by them. But at the same time one question which arises in the mind of every user is the appearance and features which are offered by the cell phones which are possessed by these people. Keeping all these things in mind Motorola has come up with the new and the pioneering Motorola K1 KRZR phone. It appears quite trendy and boasts some best features in it.
It is quite attractive and tremendous mobile phone which hold the power to catch the eye of every individual. This cell phone has a sleek appearance and has some grand functions which take the account of ergonomics and the good-looking keypads. Motorola K1 KRZR has a remarkable and the lustrous manifestation. Now let me introduce you with some more features of the Motorola K1 KRZR phone. It has a huge screen which contains the 262,Guest Posting000 colors with the lots of promises and resolution of 176x220 pixels. The camera has the memory of 2 megapixel and has the outstanding feature of zoom therefore it does not have the flash facility.
It has the CIF resolution due to which user has the facility of getting the short videos of his/her family or friends in any occasion. It contains the music player which is fairly featured and provides the huge diversity of arrangement. It is from MP3 to AAC and ACC+ it includes the characteristic of the stereo output for the wireless Bluetooth.
So, I hope by now you must be curious and keen to know about the memory ability of this handset which is launched by Motorola. It has the two Gigabytes of memory. It has the battery which is very promising and which will never let you down. You can also use the MP3 songs as your ring-tone and it also has the abundance of java games, aircraft mode, voice memo and many more multimedia functions which will never make you feel bore. All these features improve the characteristic of the K1 KRZR.
If we now talk about the look of the Motorola handset then many have this feeling that Motorola always try to impress the ladies more then the gents but actually it is not true. This handset is very attractive, trendy and very light weighted to carry. You can also change the cover, cases, headsets many more accessories according to your taste and needs.
This is all about the features of the Motorola K1 KRZR touchtone phone. I hope after reading this article you will be impressed by the advanced technique and the remarkable functions of this mobile phone.

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