Cheap Mobile Mysteries: What Is GSM?

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Have you ever wondered how cheap mobile phones work? Well come with us on a voyage of discovery as we learn about GSM.

** GSM – Introduction:
When GSM was first introduced in the market it stood for Group Special Mobile,Guest Posting but as the technology changes and the more advance versions came into the market the acronym changed into Global System for Mobile Communication. The organization that made this decision as well as who is responsible for its promotion is now called as GSM Association.

** Difference between GSM and CDMA:
Although both GSM and CDMA provide same services but still they are way different from each other, CDMA is connection based while GSM is SIM based. The SIM card allows you to store all the contact information and other vital information and can be switched easily from one Cell phone to another.

** Online Purchase-Cheap Cell Phones:
Sites like eBay, Amazon etc are the websites that provide online market services to the people all over the globe with special discounts.

You can find most cheap cell phones available in a bulk at eBay and Amazon, as the cheap cell phones are demanded by almost everyone and they are easily sold as compared to expensive cell phones. These sites even have cell phones in their stock whose manufacturing has been halted.

** GSM Frequencies & its Usage:
 The most commonly used GSM frequency in most parts of the world is 900MHZ and 1800 MHZ and is available in Australia, UK, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Netherlands, India, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Ireland, Switzerland etc.

** Things that can be done with your GSM phone:
There are a lot of things that you can do with your GSM phone; you can call overseas as well as within your country or send SMS globally. You can take your GSM phone to other countries as well, and can benefit from its full functionality like you were having in your own country. But the thing that should be taken under consideration is that the frequency of your GSM phone should match the frequency of the country you are currently in.

** Things that could go wrong with your GSM phone:
The main thing that can go wrong with any GSM phone is the mismatch of the frequency, that is surely the terrible thing to happen as you won’t be able to make or receive calls not even can send and receive messages. Your GSM phone will be just like a dummy!

The other worst thing that could happen is that you might not get proper signals which causes the call to drop often, as well as might cause a delay in receiving messages, but that’s a very rare thing to happen.

** Questions that you need to ask before buying a GSM phone:
 The most important question that you need to ask before buying a cell phone,

- Is the GSM phone you are buying supports the frequency of that country in which you are currently residing or to the area you are willing to take it?

- Is that GSM phone able to get proper signals at height or underneath the normal crust? As there are some places and departments which are built underground or upper levels.

** Guidelines for You:
After all that you would able to understand what kind of cell phone is suitable for you in the region you are currently residing in, whether it would be a GSM phone or CDMA. As still GSM phones are not available in many parts of the world or they don’t receive proper signals or cover much area than CDMA or vice versa. 

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