Checking Out the Choices in Satellite TV Service Providers

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Now more than ever, more and more discriminating TV viewers are making the switch from standard and cable service to Satellite TV service. With regards to satellite TV service, what started out as big has only gotten bigger and with progress comes change. This is why it can be rather difficult to keep abreast of all the options and features that the various satellite TV service provider have to offer.

Hence; before you sign onto an extended service agreement with a satellite TV service provider,Guest Posting it is highly advisable that you do a little research to see what each one has to offer in their repertoire of programming packages and options. The big two satellite TV service providers are what you will most likely be selecting from and they are Dish Network and DirecTV. The reason that they are the big players on the block is that they have the largest infrastructure in place and in satellite TV service that means satellites in orbit and relay stations. When making your final decision on just which provider you are going to select for your TV programming, it basically comes down to personal preference.If you are interested in a maximum amount of programming channels, both of these providers have over 250 channels in their top programing packages but their content does vary somewhat. For instance, DirecTV will tend to have more sports oriented programming in their largest programming package while Dish Network is recognized as the leader in premium movie programing and therefore will lean more heavily in that direction. Dish Networks satellite TV programming package options come in a series that they have named “Americas Top”programming packages and they offer easy choices of great blends of some of the best TV programming that is currently available for home TV viewers. They are Americas Top 100, Americas Top 200 and Americas Top 250 and they come with 100, 200 and 250 programming channels respectively, including complimentary Sirius satellite radio programming channels.If you are on a tight budget they also feature a very low priced striped down 40 channel package that is called the “Dish Family Package” Virtually all of their packages are built up on a “core foundation” of basic popular programming channels that include such favorites as CNN, MTV, ESPN and QVC and of course all of your standard local TV channels in digital format.When you examine what DirecTV has to offer in comparison, you will see that their packages come in a series called “Total Choice” and their numbers range from 140 to 185 to their largest package that like Dish Network contains 250 channels. They also have a 185 channel package that is called “Choice Extra” and it comes with a choice of two options that are DVR service or DVR service that comes with HD TV programming as well.DirecTVs “Premier” 250 channel package has some differences from Dish Networks 250 channel package in that it comes with premium movie channels already includes in it including Starz Superpak, HBO, Cinimax and Showtime. When it comes to foreign language programming, Dish Network does have more to offer with 19 channels to DirecTVs 13 but DirecTV does have some specialty sports programming channels that are only available through them called NFL Sunday Ticket and NCAA Mega March Madness. When it comes to programming options that these two giants of the industry have to offer it seems that the more you look the more you will find, so do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

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