Comfee 1.6 Cu.ft Washing Machine Review | Setup & Test

Jul 7




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I have my comfee washer it's um really spin cycle is really good.I really like it so far.Hot and cold water connection is easy to setup.


I have my comfee washer it's um really spin cycle is really good.I really like it so far.Hot and cold water connection is easy to setup.

Tricks and tips using it have both of the water connections set up if you use the new single faucet have them both set up and just untie the the bulk here or whatever this is just untie this thing.And it's easy to put on.Really good product works really well.

 I ran across this Comfee machine which is brand new on the market and zero reviews. I loved the look and I read and reread all it had to say. My machine came yesterday,Comfee 1.6 Cu.ft Washing Machine Review | Setup & Test Articles Amazon surprised me a day early. I had it shipped else where since the box states portable washing machine and my building doesn't allow them. I got the box opened it and it was an easy easy easy set up. The adapter was perfect for my bathroom sink and it fit so well no spraying all over the place. Excellent.

 There is a little dripping into the sink but tiny. I saw countless women dragging their machines and putting them away and I didn't want to have to do that. My bathroom is tiny and i decided to give up almost 2 square feet of my bathroom and keep this beautiful washer right there. I have about 18 inches to get into my bathtub and the same to brush my teeth at the sink. Honestly how much time does any one person spend in the bathroom. Its perfect.

 A longer stainless steet hose is cheap and durable so for $10.77 I got a new hose on Amazon. I attach the water from the sink and I put the pump drain hose in the bathtub. Simple easy and very safe. This machine is perfect.

 It has an actual small tray for detergent as well as a side spot for fabric softener. The filter inside is helpful but please put ]drain hair catcher in because more lint will discarge with the water and clog your drain sooner or later. The machine is so quiet, the spin is ridiculous and the wash is amazing. There aren't a lot of cycle choices to confuse you but the ones that are there are perfect. Small, medium, and large loads. Quick wash, bulky was and spin only.

 Two connections for both hot and cold water although I only use cold. The machine is perfect. Its a win win situation for anyone looking for a portable machine. It holds 11 lbs and I washed 1 mans jeans, 5 t-shirts, 10 pair of sox, a pillow case cover and wash cloth. Perfect and the cloths don't wrinkle They do however come out of the machine very dry.

 This machine is very very quiet. I am in love, deep love with this item and highly recommend this about any other machine. The panda portable dry is next. I am all in. Buy this beautiful looking machine as it is super sleek looking. Only one tiny thing. I wish the waster level filled a bit higher. I take my shower hose and add some water on the wash and rinse cycle. Other than that it is so perfect.

 COMFEE’ 1.6 Cu.ft Portable Washing Machine, 11lbs Capacity Fully Automatic Compact Washer with Wheels, 6 Wash Programs Laundry Washer with Drain Pump, Ideal for Apartments, RV, Camping, Magnetic Gray.

 Thank you comfee.Thank you COMFEE’ 1.6 Cu.ft Portable Washing Machine.