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Love it or hate it, Microsoft is THE company when it comes to computing and communication systems. While it's famous for its PCs and Windows operating system, it has ventured into other areas, most notably with the incursion on the video game console market with its Xbox and Xbox 360 video game consoles.

Of course,Guest Posting Microsoft being Microsoft, it has also ventured into the mobile and smartphone market, where it is primarily known for its Windows Mobile operating system. Like the PC's operating system, Windows Mobile has been upgraded several times and it's currently in its 6.5 version. It is the fourth most popular mobile operating system in the world and its used for every Windows Phone, which is the generic term for the range of Microsoft smartphone models.

As is befitting for Microsoft's products, there have been many applications that run with it. One of the most innovative ones is Windows Mobile spy software.

the generic term used to design any piece of software that allows you to monitor a smartphone that uses the Windows Mobile operating system. There are a few names although the one that I've heard gives better results is SpyBubble.

There are many specific advantages of Windows Mobile spy software, but in general, it is aimed at allowing a person or a company to monitor the activity of a Windows Phone.

One of the most basic features of Windows Mobile spy software is that it lets the person who owns the phone see on the Internet the call history of the phone. This means that he or she can see how many calls the phone sent and received as well as the numbers that called or were called. If a name was assigned to a specific phone number, that name can be known as well. Other relevant information that can be seen is the hour at which the call took place and its duration.

A second, very similar feature of any Windows Mobile spy software is the ability to let the owner read any incoming or outgoing sms or text message that the phone received or sent. Because the text is recorded on the software log, it can be read even if the user erases the message.

Finally, a third feature of Windows Mobile spy software is the ability to know the location of the phone on Google Maps. This feature lets the owner of the phone find it more easily if the phone gets lost, or it allows him or her to find the location of the user of the phone at any given moment.

As a last comment, it's important to note that any type of Windows Mobile spy software can only be used on phones that you own, like the ones you give to your kids, or the ones that companies give to their executives. It is illegal to install it on phones that belong to others, and if caught, you might even face legal penalties, depending on the laws of your country.

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