Join The Trends In Audio-Based Social Media Apps With Apps Like Clubhouse

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The concept of audio-based social media apps emerged when waves of social media spread across the globe. Audio-based apps, unlike social media apps, provide a lot of entertainment for those who want to communicate with each other through audio notes.

In recent days,Guest Posting everyone is talking about the Clubhouse app. Users can join rooms and interact with others through voice chat in this audio-based social media app. This would be the right time to enter the market when there is a trend or demand prevailing in the market. You can also join the race for audio-based social media apps with apps like Clubhouse.

How Do You Get Started With An App Like Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app has become the talk of the town lately. The app has become popular everywhere, in every nook and corner. A clubhouse-style app can also compete in the market. Clubhouse Clone App, which is a replica of the standard model, would be the best option for you to enter the market.

We provide a Clubhouse clone app that is ready to use and has unique features. On the other hand, with our Clubhouse Clone app, you can aim to enter the market faster. Our Clubhouse clone includes the following features:

Registration / Onboarding

Users can register with the app after downloading it by providing their username, email address and password. Users can create their profile instantly by uploading a photo and writing a short description.


Rooms are where voice-based discussions take place. Users have access to rooms and can engage in conversations with other users. Users can also create new discussion rooms using the app. Users can create their own rooms by selecting the 'Start Discussion' option on the screen.

Users can leave the room at any time without disturbing other users in our Clubhouse clone.


One of the most important features that allows users to navigate through the app is the search option. Users can view other people's profiles, rooms, and discussions to see who they want to connect with.


This is a standard feature of social media applications. Users can create clubs and communities using the app. In addition, people with similar and shared interests will join the clubs and interact with each other.


The Clubhouse Clone app includes a calendar that allows users to schedule upcoming events in which they have expressed interest.


This is one of the most important features of the app, and without it, no app will ever work. The Clubhouse Clone app, on the other hand, will send users notifications about discussions and rooms held by users in their follower list.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Audio Based Social Media App?

The cost of developing a social media app whether it is a clubhouse app or an app like discord is a question that keeps popping up in your mind. The cost of developing an app cannot be determined in advance. Cost factors are affected by many factors. For example, the level of customization, features, app platform, UX/UI design and functionality.

Furthermore, if you opt for additional technical support such as API integration, bug fixing or testing, the price will skyrocket.

Summing Up

Clubhouse, an audio-based social media app, is gaining a lot of traction. So, with our clubhouse script on, it's time for you to join the race. To proceed, contact us and have a meeting with our expert team.


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