LG GB102 has an exceptional TFT screen

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The users will definitely enjoy the light weight and the small size this phone has. The feature like speaker phone, calendar and alarm are also worth their cost. It also has a very easy to use numeric keypad.

LG GB102 is a very interesting handset. It is priced at a very nominal cost and posses a wide range of features.  This phone catches the eyes of all the customers who come to buy a mobile phone. The range of features and the attractive looks make it all the more desirable. The LG Company has very carefully designed it keeping the intended customers in mind.

This model had hit the market in around August last year and since then it has had amazing sales. There are a very few complaints that too not serious ones about the working of the model and the services it offers.  It has very attractive dimensions of 103 by 45 by 13.7 mm. this small size of the set makes it very suitable for the pocket.  Another amazing aspect of this mobile phone is that it just weights seventy grams and is not at all a burden to carry. The small sized body contains in it a 1.50 inches wide screen. It has a TFT screen and a resolution of 128 by 128 pixels.  The LG GB102 also offers a palate of 65,Guest Posting536 colors.

It has a very easy to use messaging system and allows its users to take full advantage of the SMS technology. It has a numeric keypad which is very comfortable to use. Another very important feature of this gadget is that it offers a stand by battery time of seventeen days which makes up to four hundred hours. The LG GB102 also has a battery backup that would last for around a talk time that is sufficient enough to make six and a half hours.

LG GB102 is also recommended for the reason that it has excellent capability to manage the phone contacts. It allows you to store more than one phone number and other contact detail for a single person. It also has the functionality of creating caller groups which help you categorize your contacts into groups.  It also allows you to add Ring IDs and Picture IDs to the contacts for better identification.  LG GB102 also has features like alarm, calendar, calculator and speaker phone which enhance the working of the phone.

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