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With so many myths about Orange broadband, this article discusses in depth the truths about orange broadband to enable you to make the right choice for your needs.

Mobile broadband has been plagued with myths that may not be true.  It is important that you know what these myths are and how they affect Orange broadband.  When you know about the Orange Broadband myths and what the truth is you can determine if this kind of broadband is right for you.  There are some people who do not benefit from mobile broadband and you could be one of them.

Why Are There Orange Broadband Myths?

You may wonder why there are so many myths surrounding mobile broadband.  The answer is that mobile broadband has changed over the years and some of the myths relate to old mobile broadband.  Myths are unable to keep up with the changes in this industry and this leads to a lot of confusion.  It is important that you know what relates to old broadband and what is true about the newer broadband options.

You Can Only Use Mobile Broadband Away from Home

One of the most persistent myths about mobile broadband is that you are only supposed to use it when you are away from your home.  This is not actually true and 75% of mobile broadband users do this at a static location.  This means that they are not using the broadband while they are on the move.

The increased number of Wi-Fi hotspots has decreased the need for people to use mobile broadband when out and about.  The increased number of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has also changed the way that people use the internet when away from the house.  Using these others methods of connecting to the internet is often cost effective for many people. 

Of course,Guest Posting there are still many people who only use their mobile broadband when they are away from their home.  However, this does not justify the myth of not being able to use this broadband outside only. 

Dongles are old-Fashioned and Cumbersome

This myth about dongles was true when the devices first came onto the market.  When these devices were new they were much larger than they are now.  Connecting them to the computer would also be cumbersome and a hassle, but now the devices are much smaller and easier to handle.  A dongle is the same size as a USB storage device and can easily be connected to the computer.

Many of the newer dongles do more than just allow you to connect to mobile broadband.  Some of these devices are able to double as USB storage devices.  The amount of space they have will depend on the make and model of the device.  This dual function makes life easier for many people who use these devices as you do not have to connect more than one dongle to your computer.

Getting Mobile Broadband is a Luxury

This myth was true at one point.  When mobile broadband was new, the costs of getting a package were often too high for the average consumer.  However, this has changed and many mobile broadband packages are cheaper than the alternatives.  The different contacts you can get also make it easy to find the cheapest option that suits your needs.  If you need to use the broadband only occasionally then you can get PAYG which offers a very cheap and easy to use solution. 

Using You Connection Abroad is Expensive

There are many horror stories around about extreme costs for people using their broadband while abroad.  This myth would have been true at one point, but the EU regulations in place have stopped this myth from being true.  There are also warnings that come up when you are close to using your data limit which should stop you using excessive additional amounts. 

Some broadband providers that have partners in different international countries; these partners allow you to connect to their network with your broadband and will not charge you any additional fees for this.  Of course, you can always consider using mobile broadband from a provider in the foreign country. 

You Have to Have a Dongle

This myth is actually partially true because you may need a dongle to use your mobile broadband.  It is also untrue because there are a number of alternatives that you can use to get online with mobile broadband.  Some of these alternatives include a 3G enabled laptop, a mobile device like a tablet and MI-FI devices.  These devices can be purchased with a mobile broadband package or through a generic electronics store.

Data Costs a Lot

This is a common myth regarding PAYG mobile broadband.  This myth started when PAYG mobile broadband was still new and a single GB cost quite a bit; nowadays the cost of PAYG data is rather cheap.  This lowering of costs has been caused by the increased access to the network and the increase in competition between providers.

Data Allowances are Too Low

This myth is another one that is partially true.  If you are looking for a replacement for your home broadband then you may find that mobile broadband does not offer what you need.  However, if you are looking for something to supplement your home broadband then you should not have a problem with the data allowance.  Mobile broadband allowances were designed with light and medium users in mind.  However, you are able to get a monthly contract with as much as 15GB of data which should be sufficient for most people. 

The Speeds of Mobile Broadband

The myth surrounding the speed of mobile broadband is that it is too slow.  While mobile broadband is slower than ADSL and fibre optics this does not mean it is too slow.  The maximum speeds for the 3G network is 7mb per second.  There are a number of ways that you can increase the efficiency of these speeds.

Using mobile operating systems and mobile browsers will increase what you are able to do with the 7mb per second speeds.  One browser that you can consider is Opera Turbo which is made for mobile devices and maximising the mobile broadband speeds.  

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