Portable Wireless Network Platform Developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

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In the last couple of decades, communication technology has evolved significantly. The advancements made in communication systems, radio technology and data transmission have largely contributed to the progress of the telecommunication sector. Land mobile radio systems have benefited from the advancements made in this sector over the years.

The land mobile radio systems market is mainly driven by the increase in the focus on enhancing communication technologies,Guest Posting development of customized solutions for customers and research related to various novel technologies.

Land mobile radio systems are mainly used in defense, public safety law enforcement and emergency response applications. Further, they also find applications in other industrial sectors for effective communication including, transportation, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, utilities, and healthcare. The demand for these systems is high in Asia-Pacific and LAMEA owing to the growth of the economy in the region, expanding commercial, industrial and residential sector, increasing adoption of communication devices and increase in investment in communication technology. The growth of land mobile radio systems is also boosted by increase in adoption for safety measures during natural disasters and terror activities. Allied Market Research recently published a report that offers insights related to the land mobile radio system market such as the market share, size and growth. The current trends, technological advancements and growth opportunities are highlighted in the report.

In the current scenario, new messaging and management mobile applications are an important aspect of most businesses to meet business requirement. They inspire end-users to adopt devices that support them on various networks with reliable connectivity. The application technologies assist in the process of making communication affordable and increases hardware purchases.

The process to setup mobile communication network if time-consuming and emergency responders spend hours trying to configure a typical cell on wheels’ systems. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) revealed that a newly developed tech piece is likely to be deployed in a short time frame and offer the same benefits. According to the individuals working on the project, the new portable wireless network platform is cost-effective and time-efficient. For the responders and emergency personnel setting up a mobile communication network, time is extremely critical who are mainly the target audience of the newly developed platform by NIST. In rural areas and places with bad weather conditions, there are several issues for LTE phones and land mobile radio (LMR) systems that are used by the responders. However, the recently developed Rapidly Deployable Public Safety Research Platforms sets up an independent network that connects these systems. The new platform enables more than 200 devices – cell phones, data terminals, Wi-Fi connections and land mobile radio systems to communicate over text, voice, data and video.

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The size of the device is almost around the same size of a filing cabinet and is to be used when the nationwide network is not available said Tracy McElvaney, engineering advisor, Public Safety Communication Research (PSCR) in NIST. With the help of around 70 vendors who offered equipment and support to the project, the platform was developed through the Broadband Consortium of PSCR. McElvaney said, “Our role at NIST is not to develop the technology itself, but to integrate the state-of-the-art pieces into a conceptual platform that will help drive the industry to meet public safety needs -- that is, to make portable systems smaller, more robust and with more capabilities.”

The range of the device is around 2.5 miles and can reach out to a larger community when it is connected to the internet, satellite or a commercial cellular network. In the near future, it has a high possibility to integrate sensor and analytics data along with scaling the network when a situation is unfolding. Currently, a lot of focus is given to innovations in advanced communications for public safety as the NIST project was funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

The land mobile radio systems market is set to grow in the future owing to technological advancements, research and development and growing adoption of land mobile radio systems in a wide array of industries. The market is expanding at a rapid pace in Asia-Pacific and LAMEA regions. The market in Asia-Pacific is set to grow due to the stable economic conditions in the region and several untapped growth opportunities in the region.

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