The Ultimate GPS Tracking Device Guide For Sellers Who Buys And What They Want.

Oct 15


Rose Lee

Rose Lee

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Sell GPS tracking equipment online? Then you will need to check out this article that explains all the devices on the market today, who wants to buy them and what they want to use them for.

Want to discover more about GPS tracking devices?

You could be having a look at selling GPS tracking tools online or be already selling GPS mobile tracking and GPS automobile tracking devices to folk thru sites like eBay and Amazon and need to learn more about how they work.

But lets take a quick look at what GPS is first. GPS or Global Positioning Systems is a navigation and location tracking system.

It was first set up for army use but was soon provided to the general public in the late 1980s,The Ultimate GPS Tracking Device Guide For Sellers Who Buys And What They Want. Articles without any subs or set up charges.

Now, you can manage the power of this satellite system using GPS Navigational and Tracking devices to spot, track and even log the precise locale of your device and plot it on an electronic map.

The system can often help you plan the best road to get to a specific destination in addition to process other significant info like speed, bearing, distance, precise time and a ton more.

Understanding the difference between GPS Navigators and GPS Tracking Devices GPS Navigators are utilized in identifying your precise location on a 2D or 3D digital map complete with street info, landmarks and other directional info to help identify where you are at that specific moment or help you to get to an unfamiliar destination.

GPS navigators are sometimes installed fixtures on an automobile or ship, but there are presently movable GPS navigators that aren't only terribly cheap but are tiny and compact enough to take together with you wherever you go.

Except for that, these GPS navigation device are packed with other features like multi media players and Net browsers. GPS tracking devices from the other viewpoint use the GPS system to pinpoint the precise site of your automobile, person or property where a tracking device has been attached to. The device can record and store its position based totally on preset intervals or it can transmit this info to your location on a database server for later retrieval.

The differing types and functions of GPS Tracking Devices

* GPS Trackers

The GPS tracker is AKA a GPS info pusher or a GPS beacon and is used to track the precise locale of an asset or property, someone or a vehicle that you want to monitor.

The device pushes or sends info like precise location, speed, altitude and time to a receiver server frequently for later research. This device is tiny enough you can place it at concealed locations inside somebody or an asset you're tracking.

There are several functions and uses for GPS trackers most typical being for law enforcement by authorities on surveillance and monitoring work for criminal activities.

Private detectives use these devices at length to find the location and behaviour pattern of family members and spouses.

If you plan to be a reseller of these devices, you can make good business promoting them to non-public people using GPS trackers to find assets like animals, valuable artifacts and autos they own.

You may market these to entrepreneurs, courier firms, cab companies, and rent-a-car owners use this to trace the location and route patterns of their fleet in realtime.

* GPS Trackers with SOS Calling Capacities

GPS Trackers may also be provided with a cell telephone facility and are literally capable of sending tracking signals at regular times or make SOS calls or SMS messages thru a GSM network during times of trouble.

The cellphone and GPS device is generally powered by the same battery and operates using ordinarily available GPS tracking software.

As a reseller or if you are making plans to be one, you can link into this growing market by featuring the convenient safety benefits it can give for carers and families with old folks or family with special incapacities or illnesses.

You may market this to elders who would like to watch their teenage kids without giving them unrestrained limitations.

* GPS Logger

A GPS logger is equivalent to a GPS tracker in the way that both track and record the GPS locations of the auto or asset the device is attached to.

The difference is a GPS tracker can be watched in realtime using broadcast info to a central server, while with a GPS logger you can attach the device without following the target at every point then retrieve the device or its built in memory which you can download or investigate on a personal computer .

A reseller of GPS loggers can connect into a wide market for folks and organisations wanting the capacities of these devices.

Photographers employ a GPS logger to correlate a photograph that was brought to the time and correct location in the GPS log info.

Hunters, birdwatchers, foresters and conservationists employ GPS loggers as wildlife trackers to hunt down migration and other behavior patterns.

Civil engineers and surveyors can also employ the GIS or Geographic Info System customarily included with GPS loggers to research information which connects to the location they're surveying.

These devices may also be sold to farmers and ranch owners to observe domestic or pedigree cattle especially highly-priced pregnant females.

* GPS Location Finder

A GPS-enabled location finder is equivalent to a GPS tracker or a receiver ; with the sole difference that location finders only works in a moment, like finding your way back to your parked automobile in an unfamiliar neighborhood, or finding your way back from a campsite or hunting grounds.

This would be a good device to market to field sales agents, campers, hunters, birdwatchers and other folks who are always on a tight schedule or travelling to remote locations.

* GPS Photograph Tagger

A GPS photograph tagger, a geotagger, is kind of different in core function from a GPS tracker even though it has some likenesses with a GPS logger in that photographers can correlate a photograph with the precise time and location recorded in the GPS log information.

These are usually promoted to photographers, surveyors, property agents and archaeologists who want time and location info to correlate with photographs taken. If you've a digicams supplied with a GPS receiver, you may use a GPS photograph tagger to mechanically tag each stills you take with GPS information.

The photograph tagger and stores this information in the EXIF or Exchangeable Image file layout header of the photo taken.

*GPS Jammers

GPS jammers are devices that can block the frequencies or radio waves utilized by a GPS tracking device and stop them from sending out location and other info regarding the vehicle, person or asset where the GPS tracking device was attached.

Sufficiently small to hide within a pocket or hand bags, GPS jammers are sold to folks that value their privacy against third parties, or maybe the authorities, monitoring their location and continual patterns.

The device is a good deterrent against PI's using GPS tracking device without your consent.

Nevertheless these devices may also be utilized by unscrupulous courier drivers needing to cover their location from their fleet chiefs or owners.

Take this article, store it somewhere and use it as a reference and you will be able to write better descriptions and market better to your customer base.