Tracking A Prank Caller With Cell Phone Directory

May 27


Jeremy Weegle

Jeremy Weegle

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My friend recently became a homegrown detective. It all has started from an issue of my brother who started receiving harassing phone calls. Somebody was calling him twice or more during the night. My brother usually didn't manage to pick up the phone since his phone was rather far away from his bed so until he woke up and got to the phone the phone stopped ringing. At first my brother thought that these ordinary calls but he just can't answer them, but I remember when we had a dinner in his apartment and he received such a call and managed to answer, the person on the other side just hang up or nobody answered. After 15 minutes the phone rang again and the situation was the same.

My friend who always had a desire to become a private eye told my brother that he will take care of it and track down the prank caller so that my brother could live his normal life again. This was important to him,Tracking A Prank Caller With Cell Phone Directory Articles since the such phone calls during the night are usually annoying and disturbing. After some time they got even scary when the prank caller actually waited until my brother pick up the phone and then said two the same words "blood" and "revenge". When he told me about this I thought that he should go to the Police since it looks like somebody was threatening him. My bro told me that told law enforcement about this, but they couldn't do anything until they have such a "conversation" recorded. So my brother recorded one but even this didn't help at all, since they told him that this is not threatening and they can't throw an investigation due to such calls.

So we hoped that my friend will figure out who's harassing my younger brother. He told us that he will make use of a something called reverse cell phone look up, a service which allows you to find the owner of virtually any number in the US. It works with cellular as well as with landlines and unlisted phone numbers. We have never heard about such a cell phone directory but we thought that this is a good idea certainly worth trying. After one day when my brother gave him the phone number he sent him an e-mail with detailed information about the guy. He hold us that he found the owner of the cell phone number and then searched for this person on Facebook, so we even had the photos of him.

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