WhatsApp Amazing 7 New Features | June 2020

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WhatsApp Amazing 7 New Features | June 2020 - Bug fixes - New Exciting Features never before. - Latest Version - Update Date.

Hey people,Guest Posting In current time Whatsapp has been used by people widely. Even we also handle our WhatsApp on a daily basis to contact with others, upload DP(decent picture) and Status for entertainment purpose.

Some use for entertainment and some for their commercial works. In general, Whatsapp has become an essential tool for our daily routine. 

Therefore developers always try to make user experience and interference more handy.

So, therefore in our present article, we are going to discuss some of the WhatsApp Upcoming Amazing Updates of June 2020

- Bug fixes
- New Features
- Latest Version 
- Update Date. 

If you are excited to know about the amazing updates. We suggest reading our article till the end to know every information perfectly!

 WhatsApp New 7 Update - Latest Features 

Whatsapp, June 2020 Update.  

Due to, tremendous usage of the App, officials frequently place several minor updates. 

Some of the updates are published on the play store which notifies us and some are backend-based updates which are done behind the screen without knowing to us.

So Lets kick-start and discover all the Whatsapp 7 Upcoming Updates! Which we can exceptionally notice in the month of June, 2020.

(1) Vacation Mode. 

So, basically, this feature don't take you any anywhere or for on vacation.

But yes, the feature allows you to make your vacation more merrymaking. I'll tell you how?

Whatsapp is the prime mobile app who notifies you every minute or constantly. And mostly whenever we are on vacation or some outings.

We aspire for zero disturbance when we are out on vacation. Hence mostly our mobile is a solitary gadget who keep vibrates and turns our attention to it. Keeping an eye on such activity.

After enabling the feature, Vacation Mode helps us to archive all the text messages, when you are on an outing or relaxing. Even if your data is on and you open the app, still you won't be receiving any text or calls from WhatsApp.

You just have to enable the feature once you're reaching such event.

(2) Auto Downloads.

As you all know, auto-download is an existing feature in WhatsApp, for which we have to go to the settings where we get the option of media auto-download.

Which you can enable or disable, however in the upcoming latest update you won't find it the same. 

If someone seeks to message you an image, audio, video or document. Then by default, you have to download it manually!

You won't have the choice to on/off the media auto-download section.

(3) Video Calling. 

Video Calling has become primary and trend now-a-time. As the world is suffering from the pandemic and all of us are lockdown in homes.

We usually like to connect with our dear ones through video-calling or even now-a-time many commercial and national meetings are conducted through video conferencing.

Thus we also know there are various other video calling apps which are providing good user experience.

Therefore, Whatsapp developers consider to amend the video calling function and make it more enhancing for the users. 

Initially, in the current version, we can connect up to three to four participants on video calling, but after the upcoming update, we can able to connect five or more contacts virtually on a single video call.

  Still the group call limit hasn't announced by WhatsApp but it going to extended by participants.

(4) Whatsapp WEB Dark Mode. 

Dark Mode in WhatsApp has been a controversial topic in the past period. Many of us already received the Dark Mode function and many are still waiting for it.

As mostly we chat on WhatsApp in the late nights. The basic light interference actually tickle our eyes. So, basically, the Mode helps to reduce eye fatigue. 

And the display will have a warmer tone, which helps our eye-sight comfort.

(5) Advance Search Mode.

Presently we are operating basic search mode, which allows to search our content easily and saves time. Yet, still some times we found unable results to search what we need.

In Advance Search Mode we can specify a term. ex - image, video, audio, gif particularly and search it more smoothly. 

You can pin single term at-a-time and search it easily

Also many-a-times we share certain links in groups or to friends, such links can now also be searchable with the help of advance search mode.

The feature is currently in testing phase. I bet the user interference is gladly going to turn more comfortable and speedy.

(6) Whatsapp Header

Now, we can view the WhatsApp Header on the top of our voice-chat and video-calls. The Header message will look like in words as "End-to-end Encrypted".

The principle behind the update is to secure your data from threats and misuse. 

After the worldwide lockdown, graph of video-chats has been increased significantly. Therefore WhatsApp has become more conscious of such conditions.

(7) Password Protected Backup.

In chatting terms, WhatsApp has been used exceedingly. We use Whatsapp backups to save our chats or media, without knowing about it securities.

Recently 1,400 WhatsApp users are attacked by the Pegasus Spyware attack done by Israel based company. If you want details you can read our previous article on:

Simply, the Password Protected Backup helps us to secure our chats and media from several hackers globally. The function asks you to set a unique password to protect and corner your data.

It will more benefic if one set a strong password.

When will the update take place?
As we can acknowledge the intensity of the core update, it will take some more time as it is highly based on security patches.

We can expect it in the month of May ending or in the first-second week of June.

Officials hasn't declared the specific date for the update. All the features are currently testing on beta versions for bugs and fixes.

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