4 Reliable Techniques to Outsource Programming Projects like Professionals

Feb 24


Alley John

Alley John

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As per a research conducted by the Statistics Brain, nearly 43% of the US companies outsource programming jobs daily. The reason for this is simple. Programming assignment help is time-consuming. Companies may not be able to focus on real things such as value for money and quality of services. Outsourcing lets you benefit your customers globally through a considerable reduction in costs and an increase in the quality of your products or services.


But,4 Reliable Techniques to Outsource Programming Projects like Professionals Articles you need to be super careful while outsourcing programming jobs. One petty error and it will rip your business apart in no time. The good news is that you can guarantee the success of your outsourcing campaigns through the following steps. Try them out and outsource programming projects like a pro.

  1. Recruit programmers directly

Direct recruitment is one of the oldest yet most effective techniques to outsource programming tasks. You get to place ads on several mediums such as your local newspaper or Craigslist. Go through all the applications carefully to choose the most suitable candidate for your project.

There are some disadvantages, too, when it comes to hiring programmers directly. For example, you need to abide by certain legal aspects and contracts in this process. Also, you may have to spend a good amount of money to place the ads. Direct recruitment gives you the freedom to analyze the candidates more precisely. But, it won’t come cheap and is equally time-consuming. You can even consider hiring experts who offer online computing essay help.

  1. Try out Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com consists of over seven million users and the site posts nearly 4.4 million of jobs on a daily basis. Freelancers tend to earn revenue of $150 million through this site. It comes third after Elance and Upwork in terms of usage and revenue. Sign up for free with this site, post your requirements and your budget. Interested candidates will reach out to you.

The best thing about Freelancer.com is that you can pay on the basis of hourly work. That means you get to pay the candidate only for the time period they work. You can check out the profile of the programmer, take a look at his/her work samples and then make a decision. Your candidates can also bid to be a part of your project. Take your time to hire the bid that suits your budget.

  1. Post your code in forums

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't complete code due to time constraints? In such cases, you can outsource the task and ask the programmer to take care only of a specific or complicated part of the coding. Discuss your requirements in programming forums, see who is able to meet the requirements perfectly and hire the right candidate for your task.

Some of the most common forums for outsourcing programming tasks are stackoverflow.com, warriorwarriorforum.com, forumsdigitalpoint.com, etc. However, you can’t use this technique if the code is confidential. You can’t share the coding requirements publicly in that case.

  1. Use Upwork wisely

Upwork consists of nearly five million registered clients and over 13 million registered freelancers. It posts jobs worth of one billion dollars every year. Thus, it is quite a reliable option to outsource your programming tasks on this platform. Yet, you must always analyze the candidate’s job portfolio before hiring him or her. You must learn how to identify a fraud portfolio on Upwork.

Upwork was formed by the combination of Elance and oDesk. It has brought forth the new Upwork message option through which you can get in touch with your candidates easily. You can either video call them or chat with them online through this platform. You can pay your candidate on an hourly basis and you also have the right to withhold the payment if your candidate fails to meet your requirements or instructions.

Wrapping Up,

These are the most efficient ways of outsourcing your programming projects. Make sure you outsource the work to someone experienced and qualified. Take a look at your candidate’s samples and work portfolio before hiring. Good Luck!

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