Advance Access Database Recovery Tool Helps To Fix Index Corruption Easily

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Corruption in MS Access table index leads to loss of crucial records. An advance Access database recovery tool provides effective help to fix the issue and get data back.

For enhancing performance of the database,Guest Posting MS Access uses “Indexing” technique that generally proves favorable in situations when there is need to operate huge or complicated database. Also, the process of indexing the database makes it easier for the users to access them; helping users to eradicate row data duplicity via primary and unique key indexes and search queries. When MS Access indexes get corrupted due to storage media having bad sectors, virus attack, improper handling of indexes etc, it leads to data loss issues which consequently results into the need for advance Access database recovery tool. The upcoming part of this article will have discussion about the type of problems that could arise due to index corruption in Microsoft Access and what are the possible ways that could help to escape from the troublesome situations.
Practical Scenario Illustrating Need Of Access Database Recovery Solution
Say you are a user of MS Access 2007 and in your attempt to access some of the records from the database; you receive some unanticipated results for the query. This basically happens due to damage to index of table to are attempting to access. As a result, you lose access over all the records that you saved in the table. To come over this situation, you can take help of the recent backup plan but in its absence, need for advance Access database recovery tool arises.
What Step You Can Take To Save Your Access Database After Index Corruption
Below mentioned are some of the steps that could help you to work around the above mentioned problem:

In the menu bar, select “Database Tools”>> “Relationships”

Delete the relationships that are linked with the respective table whose records are inaccessible

In the table design view, open “Indexes”>> Delete the indexes of the table>> save them and close

In the navigation pane (on the left hand side), copy paste the table and rename it (Select ‘Structure only’ option)

Now to see if all records are present on the table, run a query. Now attach the records to fresh table with the help of Append Query

Check out if the records are completely present in the freshly created table and if they do exist, delete the older records

Now make use of “Compact and Repair Database” option that is present in “Database Tools”. Rename the new table and then regenerate the previous relationships and indexes.

This is a small guideline that could help you to deal with Access index corruption. If in ways it does not help to get rid of the troublesome situation, then use of an advance Access database recovery tool is suggested. In online market, Access Recovery software is one of the expert recommended solution to fix corrupt MDB file and work around Access database corruption issues with efficiency. This advance Access database recovery tool gives guarantee of recovery of all components of the application.

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