Asus A45VD with IVB to create universal Notebook

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Here you can view the review for Asus A45VD notebook, and if you want to get the drivers for this product, you can also get it from here.

Asus A series notebook has always been based on a high effective performance,Guest Posting ASUS A45VD is a comprehensive universal notebook computer. Asus A45VD not only have four color beautiful ornate metal fuselage, and equipped with Intel's latest core, the third generation of Ivy Bridge processor, large area multi finger touch plate, and ASUS exclusive SHE II super hybrid engines, Superbatt battery technology, speed strength and endurance lasting, let you truly feel the IVB real charm. ASUS A45VD carefully built red, blue, pink and white four kinds of magnificent color colorful body, very distinct personality. Vibrant hooking up red, broad and inclusive yuppie blue and dazzling eye-catching peach, quiet and pure minimalist white treason, four-color colorful make people just like sitting in the beauty of nature, whether home or travel with this, let you feel comfortable. The smooth wedge design of the fuselage front, thickness light up to 10% than ratio K3 series, in unusual fashion beaut and add elegant frivolous. In order to ensure comfortable feeling and convenient manipulation, ASUS A45VD equipped with smooth and intuitive whole chip touchpad, large area USES can be 10 multi-touch refers to control design, the touchpad area expanded to 104 mm * 61 mm, increases by 100%than the previous generation K3 series. Unique back mounted seamless island keyboard, feel comfortable, text entry is stable and smooth, with many colors of the fuselage, and both look and feel and operating feel more comfortable. In the processing performance of the whole machine, ASUS A45VD equipped with Intel third generation core Ivy bridge processor, compared to the previous generation of sandy bridge, in providing the same performance at the same time, power consumption can be reduced by 15%; in the same voltage, new 22nm 3-D transistors architecture performance can also be increased by 10% - 15%. At the same time, it support direct X11 and OpenCL 1.1 two GPU parallel computing, truly CPU and GPU fusion to accelerate computation, not only enhance the reading speed of the body, more to ensure smooth speed when running the game process. Before you view more details about this notebook, you can get the drivers from here: Asus A45VD drivers download. To ensure a comfortable experience, strong cooling performance is of course essential. ASUS A45VD design the heat component at the bottom of the motherboard, and design less heat hard disk etc. components, in the upper part of the motherboard by copper double pipe heat dissipation module, with strong cooling fan, let heat without residues, to ensure that the user free to enjoy the cool and comfortable operating experience. If you use outdoor, it also eliminates the wrist sweat caused embarrassment and inconvenience. Have adequate power and strong endurance notebook, can record every wonderful moment. ASUS A45VD with ASUS exclusive SuperBatt battery technology, to create a strong notebook endurance, optimize battery charging voltage cycle, increase the battery cycle life of up to 300%, truly put thousands of charge, and charging significantly improved the speed of 15%, more lasting life, charging more quickly. At the same time, to make quick response speed, ASUS A45VD carrying exclusive SHE II super hybrid engines, in Instant On mode, support for 2 seconds to wake up, standby time for up to two weeks. Even short-term out without shutdown, back after just 2 seconds from the Instant On sleep mode back to the last state. When the power is less than 5%, will automatically save the job status of all data to the hard disk, and self-recovery at the next boot. Related Articles: Asus K53U drivers download Asus U50F drivers download

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