Solved: Your Account Has Been Disabled Windows 10

May 16




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Provided that you come into your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator on Windows 10, come to this article for solutions.


When you log on to Windows 10 with your user or administrator account,Solved: Your Account Has Been Disabled Windows 10 Articles the lock screenlocked out of you with the error indicating your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator on Windows 7,8,10. When your user account has been disabled, Windows 10 would pop up under the name of defaultuser0.You have no permission to enter some applications or programs on Windows 10, such as Facebook and Instagram. This problem can result from various reasons, for instance, sign out of Windows 10 inappropriately.Move on to fix this account error on Windows 10.Solution 1: Activate Built-in Administrator using Under the circumstance where your account has been disabled, it is feasible for you to evoke the administrator account on your PC and then add a new account on Windows 10. But since you could not start Windows 10 normally, you have to enter safe mode.1. In safe mode, click the Power button then the Restart button and at the same time, hold down the Shift key.Then you can see the options window pops up. 2. In Advanced options, select Command Prompt. 3. In Command Prompt, copy and paste the command net user administrator /active:yes.And then hit Enter to execute this command on Windows 10.4. Restart your PC.Thereafter, you will have administrative privileges to create a new account to fix your account has been disabled problem.With the new user account, you can see if you still stumble upon your account has been disabled error in Windows 10 lock screen. If you have successfully logged on to Window 10 without meeting disabled account, you may also feel like to change user account type and permission.Solution 2: Enable Your Account Right after you activated administrator account on Windows 10 in order to fix your account has been disabled issue, now you might as well struggle to enable the administrator account or user account that cannot sign in.1. Press Windows + R to open the Run box and enter lusrmgr.msc in the box. Then hit OK. 2. On the left menu, under Local Users and Groups, click Users.3. In Users, right click Administrator to navigate to its Properties. 4. Under the General tab, uncheck the box of Account is disabled. And then stroke OK to save changes. It is no doubt that your account will not be disabled next time you boot Windows 10.You can also use Microsoft account on your PC to login in. Solution 3: Use System Image RecoveryIf the ways above are to no avail, you have to resort to system repairing for Windows 10. Just like restore Windows 10, performing a system image recovery can help your operating system restore to a point where your account has been disabled disappeared. To complete this task, hold down the Shift key and Restart button until the appearance of option list, and then go to Advanced Startup > Troubleshoot > Advanced options >System Image Recovery. To summarize, from account settings to system recovery, this thread focuses on telling you how to fix your account has been disabled on Windows 10. Hope it can be helpful.