Barcoding for Great Plains Dynamics GP custom programming

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If you are in ERP, MRP, accounting, warehouse and supply chain management software selection process, where barcode scanning is required either in real time or in batch mode, we recommend you to consider Microsoft Dynamics GP, former Great Plains.  

There are numerous add-ons to Dynamics GP which could potentially automate your business processes requirements.  However,Guest Posting very often you are in the situation, when you would like to tailor or further customize your Site management in scanning inventory items to your picking list, packing slip, consignment, bill of lading – for those operations we recommend you to consider light unique custom add-on.  In the case of Great Plains Dynamics GP satellite modules are often coded in Dynamics GP Dexterity.  This small publication is intended to give you introduction level highlights:


1.       Barcode scanning for small business.  If you have some IT and computer lessons in High School or College, you are probably aware that Barcode scanner works similar to your computer keyboard, but a way faster, recognizing bar codes as Latin characters and Numbers through scanning.  So, having said that, you can have computer keyboard and barcode scanner to be connected to your POS (Point Of Sale) computer USB ports and have you cashier to be trained either to use keyboard or Barcode Scanner.  This solution will be the end of the story if you are tiny retail store, however if you have more sophisticated logistics, you should deploy Barcoding products or solutions


2.       Barcode labels printing in Great Plains Dynamics GP.  Here you again have to consider cheap out of the box option, which is Dynamics GP Report Writer with Barcode font.  In the past this solutions was famous to print US Mail barcode, also known as USPS codes.  If you are on Great Plains version 7.0 or newer: 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.5, or 7.0 – you can deploy Dynamics GP RW module with custom fonts, including the ones, intended for barcode labels.  If you have room for more luxury approach, consider Crystal Reports for Great Plains items barcode labels printing, or even Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)


3.       Barcode scanning in Great Plains.  If your warehouse operations are unique, but not overly too complex, consider custom Dynamics GP Dexterity add-on.  Contact your Great Plains Partner, Consultant or Reseller, or feel free to call our office. We have tested and ready for being modified Dex barcode related scripts


4.       Barcodeing and EDI. Sometimes we hear requirements to link barcode process with backordering from your vendors or EDI ordering partners.  Simple EDI is formatting SQL select statement, so do not allow yourself to be really discouraged

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