Bringing Back the ‘Start’ Menu on Windows 8

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Windows 8 still has a host of issues. First, not having a start menu may put off some users from purchasing windows 8; Second, third-party software compatibility me be an issue with some software.

Perhaps what is most hated about Windows 8 is its missing the start menu. After being around for 17 years,Guest Posting Microsoft has gotten rid of it. Rumors have it that Microsoft is forcing their users to utilize the metro style interface rather than the start menu. For this Microsoft has triggered quite a bit of criticisms from its users; moreover, Microsoft was also criticized for not allowing the option for its users to boot directly to the desktop menu; instead users have go through the metro interface, and then click on the desktop menu button. It’s obvious now that Microsoft has no intention of restoring the start menu and PC users will accept Windows 8 as it is.

Though, the bickering and complaining of these “start menu lovers” has not gone unheard. One company – Stardock, has come up with a solution that will solve this headache. Stardock has developed a start menu for Windows 8 called the ‘Start8’, though if want to get your hands on it, you’ll need to purchase it for $5.00.  Moreover, with ‘Start8’ users can directly boot to the desktop menu. The start menu is so well designed; you’ll be fooled into believing it was developed by Microsoft. Microsoft has actively blocked many programs that tried to restore the start button in Windows 8. Nevertheless, Stardock claims that Microsoft will not be able to block their start menu software since it doesn’t rely on a registry switch. User will be able to download a free 30 day trial version to test out ‘Start8’.

Stardock specializes in developing software that seamlessly blends into Windows environment. Available for free, non-commercial use is their fences software which allows users to organize their desktop neatly into categories; each icon is categorized, reducing that messy desktop look. Other customization software include icon packer which changes the look and aesthetics of your desktop icon; Windows blinds which are customized skins for your Windows operating system that give your desktop a wild look; perhaps their most popular software is ‘Object Desk’ which has been downloaded over 10,000 million times, it’s basically an  apple OSX dock for Windows PC.

Though the start menu is not the only issue that is related to windows 8, it seems there are host of third-party software related issues which can especially be problematic if you have sensitive data protected with data security software which may or may not work with Windows 8. However, data security software ‘Folder Lock’ developed by Newsoftwares Inc has already been re-engineered in anticipation of Windows 8 release next month.

Getting use to using windows 8 will require a bit of re-learning for almost all of windows users. By introducing the metro interface, Microsoft has ignored the opinions of its users and instead focused on what it thinks how the next windows should be. On the plus side, Windows 8 is perhaps the most stable, fastest and the most bug-free Windows ever released by Microsoft. Only time will tell the true outcome of Windows 8’s success. However, with users downloading the consumer preview and trying out Windows 8, so far it’s apparent that many are satisfied with Windows 8.

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