Challenges in Enterprise Application Development

May 27


Aapna Infotech

Aapna Infotech

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Enterprise applications have become essential to the way businesses function in modern times, placing tremendous emphasis on enterprise application development companies to produce top-notch solutions. The presence of these challenges can’t be ignored but overcoming them is crucial to the creation of impactful, seamless and truly effective enterprise applications.


The past ten years have witnessed a significant proliferation in the use of enterprise applications by businesses across market sectors. While cloud subscription of enterprise applications generated revenues of 16.44 billion USD in 2011,Challenges in Enterprise Application Development Articles the same stat increased to a whopping 73.13 billion USD in 2019. At present, the enterprise application software industry has a global turnover of 210.4 billion USD (all figures sourced from Statista). Hence, the increased dependence on enterprise applications for businesses globally is evident.

The benefits of opting of high-quality enterprise applications tailor made for requirements of an organization have contributed to their growing popularity. As per a survey conducted by Tristate Technology, enterprise mobile apps have led to almost 60 percent of employees making contributions even outside of the mandatory office hours. The same survey also stated that the ability to access enterprise apps on smartphones had made enterprise applications one of the top priorities for roughly 70 percent of organizations in the US.

Now, the processes of design, development and deployment of enterprise applications are substantially different from the methods used in the creation of custom and other software. It involves a lot of analysis along with optimum planning before the process of coding can be started. Also, taking into account the requirements of different departments within organizations becomes essential. As a result, an enterprise application development company faces several unique issues along the way which are specific to enterprise applications.

Here are some of the most crucial problems faced by enterprise application developers:

Prolonged processes at every step

As evident from the extensive planning that goes into enterprise application development, the overall task often takes a lot of time. On average, an enterprise application development company spends around three months in creating solutions as per clients’ requirements. Making sure that the overall time taken doesn’t exceed beyond reasonable limits is quite challenging.

Maintaining privacy and security of data

When the task of enterprise application development is outsourced, which is often the case, ensuring optimum protection of data becomes doubly crucial. The instance of Equifax’s data breach shook the world in 2017 where personal information of more than 140 million users was hacked. In today’s era, where a lot of data transfer takes place on cloud, encryption and highest standards of protection have become essential for development service providers.

Data storage and analysis

Another significant challenge faced by enterprise app developers is the amount of data they need to store and analyze for proper planning. In the case of large scale enterprises and MNCs, the task of storing data poses a lot of difficulties and hinders the progress.

Simultaneously, analyzing all the available data to come up with suitable ways to incorporate the needs of different departments often proves exceedingly tough. All enterprise application development companies need to be highly efficient in this aspect of development.

The sheer size & significance of enterprise applications

Enterprise applications tend to be a lot more comprehensive than all other types of software because the needs of all departments of an organization are incorporated in it. No other software solution has such direct effects on the revenues of organizations. Hence, any glitches in the significantly sized application can lead to substantial losses to businesses. Even the minutest compromises with quality can lead to terrible to a poor reputation for enterprise application development companies.