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Doing database backup is very important for data security in any organization. Currently there are database backup solutions which can back up most popular databases. Read the review to find out how to choose an all-in-one database backup solution.

Would you like to be able to back up all of your databases with the help of just one backup solution? No matter what database management systems you use within your company infrastructure,Guest Posting it would be a good idea to have a database backup solution which allows you to back up a wide variety of databases with a number of useful features that make the backup procedure both pleasant and easy.

Having a robust database backup solution is never a bad thing especially if you use more than one database management system in your company and need to easily back up all of your databases quickly and securely. With the all-in-one database backup solution you can specify one of the most popular databases, such as MS SQL, DB2, MS Access, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, Oracle, Interbase, and its data will be automatically added to the backup set.

Normally this functionality is realized through the ODBC driver which allows the database backup program to be connected to a certain database on a local computer or over a network and copy data from it according to the criteria that you specify while creating a backup task. The criteria may include type of backup, such as full, differential or incremental; backup time schedule, such as once a day, once a week, once a month or any other custom period; the option of database backup compression and encryption and other features.

Additionally, the database backup solution resolves the following issues which you may not be able to overcome when choosing other database backup solutions.

No DBMS stopping

With the database backup program, you can back up data from all popular databases without stopping them. If you have to dismount the database to back it up, you are losing time and money. This is often the case if you use the database own backup tools or use some backup program which is not specifically designed to deal with the databases.

No administrator access to the DBMS

Even if you don’t have the administrator rights to access a certain database, you can still back it up with the all-in-one database backup system. This allows all of your company employees to back up some database tables, even if they are not the administrator of this database.

Remote DBMS backup

The fact that the database that you need to back up resides on a remote machine doesn’t prevent you from backing it up. The ODBC protocol allows the database backup program to connect to remote computers and backup all databases on it as if they were located on a local machine.

Generally, with the all-in-one database backup program you gain easy access to any popular database, even a remote database, with the ability to back it up in full and restore it to the original location or a newly created database.

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