Dell’s intelligently engineered TL4000 automated library

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Small or large organization,Guest Posting fast data access and robust security are critical to business success. The overall performance depends on your enterprise applications that share and store the client information, E-mails and the diverse operational data. The enterprise applications have to operate round-the-clock in E-business environment. So it is essential that the organizations store a duplicate copy of this data. The companies that periodically backup data operate in a consistent manner and confidently meet the challenges of today’s competitive business world.

One thing is common, the rapidly-growing organizational data. So the risk of human errors (unintentional over-writes), application malfunctions along with the operating expenses also increases. This can be managed in a well organized manner and at a low cost per GB with tape library. Dell engineers its impressive range of backup storage and other IT products with superior robustness, user-friendliness and long term investment protection in mind.

Dell TL-4000 is an intelligent library for the evolving data security needs. It allows cost effective scalability and optimizes the performance of tapes and drives under high duty cycles. This library has been robustly engineered for the best-selling tape format, the LTO ultrium. This library provides exceptional flexibility with LTO-3, LTO ultrium 4 and the 5th generation LTO5 media formats. So, all types of organizations (small to large) can enjoy superior storage value with Dell TL4000 tape library.

Organizations with constrained budgets and stringent storage need can confidently select from these LTO tape generations and be assured of cost-efficient scalability. TL-4000 is the most space efficient 4U library solution that can work excellently with massive datasets up to 48 tapes. TL4000 library has become the first choice of many storage-intensive companies burdened by the time-critical business applications. With a staggering recording capacity of 144 terabytes (compressed), the busy IT centers can handle their workload without compromising on data integrity.

To read/write these massive datasets, you can connect LTO drives via SCSI, FC and SAS interfaces. Backup speed accelerates to 2.016TB per hour as the tape library support up to 4 drives (half height units). No need to worry if you have the full height LTO drives. TL4000 library will accommodate them as well. But you can only attach 2 full height drives.

The intelligent remote management functionality connects your IT staff through web interface, and saves precious time. All library operations can be easily performed including firmware up-gradation, media management and setups. So you won’t have to wait for the troubleshooting staff to be physically present at the IT center. All they need is web access, and all the issues can be resolved within no time. So the organizations won’t experience any degradation in overall performance and all operations run smoothly.

The powerful combination of robotic media management and bar-code reader ensures that the users are provided fast data access and can quickly track the tape cartridge. So if you are running out of media storage space and striving hard to improve the backup efficiency, then this Dell TL4000 is the most reliable solution for securing sensitive corporate data.

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