Disadvantage of Creating Strong PST File Password

May 10


Mohit Mathur

Mohit Mathur

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One of the ways to create a strong PST (Personal Storage Table) file password is by including lots of special characters like, !,@,#,$,%,&, and *....

One of the ways to create a strong PST (Personal Storage Table) file password is by including lots of special characters like,Disadvantage of Creating Strong PST File Password Articles !,@,#,$,%,&, and *. This technique prevents your password from being hacked and keeps your PST file safe. Though creating a strong PST password has its advantages, remembering them is a very difficult task. To prevent any PST password loss situation, you should always maintain a backup file (on a different storage media) containing all the passwords. However, like any other file, this backup file can also get corrupted or damaged due to various logical or physical reasons. In such situations, the PST file becomes inaccessible. To access your PST file in such situations, you will need to opt for an effective third-party PST Password Recovery software.To illustrate the above case in detail, consider a real-time scenario wherein you have a PST file containing critical information related to your projects and clients. Since, you want the information to be safe, you create a strong PST password containing numerous special characters. You save the password on your mobile phone as it was difficult to remember. Unfortunately, your mobile phone gets lost and the password-protected PST file becomes inaccessible. You can only see the below error message every time you try to access the PST file:“The password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the password.”Note: Always maintain at least two backup copies of the file containing your PST password.Resolution:To access the data saved in all the PST File components and to get past the above error message, follow the below techniques:(1) Use the Microsoft pst19upg.exe and delete your PST file password. The utility, although successful in removing your PST file password, can result in PST file corruption.(2) To avoid PST file damage and to access the data saved in PST file, you will need to opt for an effective PST Password Recovery Tool and recover your PST password.This software uses effective scanning procedures to recover Lost PST Password for PST files. The recovery tools are generally easy to comprehend and do not require any technical skills.Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery is an amazing tool to recoup lost PST password. The PST Password Recovery tool displays six passwords that can be used to open your password-protected PST file. The software is compatible with MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000, and recovers all passwords, irrespective of their size and type.