Does Norton Antivirus Free Version is worthy?

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Norton Free Antivirus has developed some basic features that protect your computer and network life in the best manner. 

Likewise,Guest Posting every coin has two sides; similarly, the virtual world also has its good and bad side. That means, with changing or increasing of technology (positive impacts), the number of threats (bad impacts) is also changing and increasing. Keeping this in mind and noticing every trend and threats Norton Free Antivirus has developed some basic features that protect your computer and network life in the best manner. 

Norton Antivirus is a well-known & a very trusted antivirus of till now. Norton believes or aims to achieve the trust, comfort, and happiness of their customers. For that, they always come up with new ideas and innovative technologies to protect your computer from every threat and malware. 

As a customer we want all good things to come to us without doing any effort and without investing any money in it. I know this can’t be possible only and only an imagination or a thought. But Norton Antivirus held up to your every wish. Following the topic, The Norton Antivirus software is now available in “free of cost”. This means you don’t have to pay any penny for buying an Antivirus software. 

 Now, the ones who are thinking about why a company would offer their product at no cost, or If they are offering their product at no cost so they must be compromising with their quality. So, let me clear up with your concern queries, As I have mentioned above that Norton Free Antivirus is a very reputed brand and it has a policy of providing comfort, trust, and happiness to their customers. So, they will not let your hopes to destroy. As being the responsible antivirus brand the duty is to offer the quality of service in our antivirus free of cost. 

The Norton Antivirus Free software offers you a great variety of best features in free. So, that you can do your work without getting a break or disturb. The basic features are:

  • As being the well-known security application, it is tested virus-free by AV-Comparatives. Offers Real-Time Malware protection. Safeguards your PC against malware of any type like spyware, ransomware, viruses, Trojans, phishing, etc…
  • It has a speedy and easy installation process than any other free antivirus software.
  • “Our Priority is Your Privacy ” so Norton Free Antivirus protects your privacy, no matter what device you are using. Encrypted Private & Financial Details
  • Avoid unreliable websites and doubtful downloads.
  • Automatically backup your data, files, videos, or any other media.
  • Quick and Smart Scan feature allows us to detects the suspicious elements or threats being involved in your PC. Moreover, you can wish to exclude some files for scanning.
  • The best part or feature is Parental Control.
  • It does not slow down the process of the computer.
  • Offers Automatic and Regular updates.
  • Automatic Silent Updates.
  • Intelligent Firewall.
  • App- download security check.
  • It contains a simple and easy interface.
  • 24/7 customer support, you can send your queries via e-mail the immediate response will happen. 

Bonus features start with Norton Free Antivirus excellent Wi-Fi Inspector. This impressive tool scans your local network and reports on any connected devices and their types, which is convenient to see who else might be stealing your Wi-Fi. Each device is checked for security issues such as weak passwords and poorly configured network settings, 

A simple password administers supports Chrome and Firefox, and can deliver new logins and automatically log you back into those sites whenever you return. It can't compete with high-end password tools, but it covers the basics and can correspond your logins with other devices (Windows, Android, and Mac.) 

Do Not Disturb Mode /Game Mode now blocks pop-ups from Windows and other apps, as well as Norton Antivirus itself. 

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Norton’s free Antivirus is one of the best free antivirus that provides great all-round protection. Experienced users will acknowledge its interminable feature list and the fine regulation they get over how the package works.

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