Dynamics GP 2010 New Features in the Foundation

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Version 2010/11.0 was released in April, 2010 and it has good set of improvements in its Foundation.

We would like to mention such new and improved features,Guest Posting as email for Sales and Purchasing documents, Home page reminders in Cue format (as growing icon, based on the number of alerting documents), in Metrics – now SSRS reports, multiple metrics are available, Right-Click Menu in good portion of the forms; Word Templates are now introduced in synch with enabling SOP documents to be emailed from GP.  There are also the abilities to supersede default lookups (SmartList) for such popular lookups as Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Salespersons (where you can mount custom Smartlist inquiry for your personal user ID).  In Security is improvement to remember company and password, so all you need to do it to launch GP from your personal computer and you will end up on your home page.  Second improvement is the possibility to copy user security from existing employee to new hire.  Besides the features mentioned above we would like to come through former System manager, now known as Foundation series:

1. Advanced Sorting in Advanced Lookup Setup.  Imagine, you open Customer Maintenance form and now you would like to find the customer, you click Lookup button next to customer ID, and here you have lookup scrolling window, actually coming from SmartList as Dexterity Alternate Customized Form.  Now if you open Administration page, scroll down on the left side to Company related links, and open Advanced Lookups – here you can add up to four custom sorting options to such popular default lookups as Customer, Vendor, Employee, Salesperson, Account and we expect more options to be available with the following version

2. Reminders.  You can find the setting for reminders in User Preference.  Reminders are for you to help you with current duties fulfillment, and on the same form you can find Task List – task are rather for your supervisor to assign them to you or another employee.  Task require completion, some of the samples are Fixed Asset Monthly Corporate Book Depreciation and interfacing to General Ledger.  Both Reminders and Tasks by default are seen on your Home page on the upper left quadrant

3. Shortcuts.  These are not really and novelty, but we would like to mention such cool feature as placing External Task or Application, Smartlist, Web Page, Windows into Startup Folder.  If you do that – the entity will be automatically launched when you login GP workstation

4. Filter Options, Information and Action Panes.  Imagine the scenario.  Instead of navigating several menus to open SOP Transaction Form, you instead on your home page open Sales Series on the left toolbar, then on the top portion of this toolbar you click on Customers link, and the greater right side will be divided between Action Pane on the top, then Selection List with Filter in the middle and information Pane on the bottom.  Here in the central section you mark the customer, then you go up in the Action pane and click on Create SOP Quote.  The SOP Transaction form will be opened with automatic Customer ID and next document number filled in.  This is likely to be faster, versus traditional method of opening SOP Transaction form and then selecting the fields in it via lookups, tabbing, etc.

5. Some cautions.  We really like technology innovations, but we are consultants and our job is promoting new features and technologies.  You are end customer and your objectives might be different, they are probably stability of the functionalities (the lack of annoying software bugs), minimizing of the user training budget, and similar.  We are trying to keep balance between being too innovating and warning our customers about some risks in rushing to the new technologies deployment

6. Support domestically in the USA, Canada, Mexico and internationally.  This option is possible via Web Sessions, Skype or Phone conferences and direct visits onsite (in the case of the large scale project).  Our consulting team speaks English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Filipino.  Feel free to call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904, or email help@efaru.com

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