Evolution of the Mobile Gaming Industry

Sep 1


Gina Kraft

Gina Kraft

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The video game industry as a whole has evolved over time. Now, new types of games and platforms are becoming increasingly popular with users from everywhere.


Not too long ago,Evolution of the Mobile Gaming Industry Articles video games were bulky machines with Pac-Man trying to eat the dots. A few years later, the gaming industry released Mario and Nintendo consoles. Then suddenly today the gaming industry has released a burst of more advance and intelligent games that appeals to a wider range of consumers; spanning all ages.

iPhone Game Development has been a flourishing mobile game industry since the inception of the first iPhone. Gaming on the iPhone has been thrilling and intriguing to those who have played the games simply because of its accelerometer, highly sensitive gyroscope, and speedy processor.

Subsequent to the incorporation of 3D into mobile platforms, the gaming world started to launch its own brand games such as Real Soccer, Tournament Arena Soccer 3D and Crash Arena 3D. These games were so popular and have reported to have received over 35 million downloads in 1 week.

Mobile games back then were only developed for specific brand and models of mobile phone, smart-phone or PDA. The first game to be installed on a mobile phone was Tetris, sometime in 1994. In 1997, Nokia had the Snake game installed on selected models. Mobile games have come a long way since; in particular as it pertains to the graphics. Although other handheld games such as the PlayStation Portable are small and portable, they are not considered mobile games.

The mobile games today are developed using platforms and technologies such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Apple iOS and Google Android. Some of these developers have launched their own storefronts that run on the device enabling the users to purchase services and other entertainment media.

Recently, there is a huge interest in Android Game Development and as a result, many websites are offering information on how the Android works to enable potential developers. Even though developers are creating products for a specific platform or brand, they sometimes have to call on the expertise or services of another industry. For example, a game developer may need game art services for the game being created but he is not able to get the service unless he goes to another similar gaming company. It can be concluded then that some type of relationship exists among these companies, which also ensures that everyone receive their share of profit.

As a result of its increasing success, mobile devices are controlling a good percentage share of the video game industry market because of its convenience, size and popularity. A symbiotic relationship has developed between mobile game developers and a plethora of industries offering a variety of services. No more development in isolation as each sector seeks to please their customer base by providing the services and tools that they require. As the mobile device becomes the go-to tool for the everyday user, development geared towards its greater use at all levels will only increase.