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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Cellular phones were first introduced in 1984.  Twenty tears later,Guest Posting the world reached one billion cellular phones.  Eighteen months later, it reached the second billion, only nine more months to reach three billion and just six months after that to reach four billion cellular phones.  When cellular phones were discovered, the idea of cellular phone radiation was a non-subject.  However, in the year 2008, it is very much an issue and a definite concern in the here and now and for our future.  Some scientists have tried to reduce the risk of this problem by making headsets that would not have an antennae facing directly towards your head.  However, once that was discovered, the new questions were raised as to cellphone headset radiation risks.

Scientists and consumer groups have studied and tested many hands-free cellular phone sets and have discovered that the earpieces themselves actually serve as antennae which directs even more electromagnetic radiation directly into the ear.  The appalling discovery was found that the earpiece “antennae” may actually raise the amount of harmful radiation being directed into the head by more than three hundred percent.  By itself, a cellular phone headset can act as an antenna that actually channels radiation to your brain.  A shocking statistic considering that marketers are trying to push consumers into purchasing hands free wireless headphones to actually reduce cellphone headset radiation.  .

 Take this instance, for example; if you use a hands-free cellular phone and that phone is clipped to your belt, it means that your phone will be working at a higher power level because it is harder for your phone to transmit from your waist to head.  So, the harder the instrument has to work to hold the call, the higher the radiation level submitted.  This means that the tissue in your lower body area absorbs radiation quicker than the head and is receiving more radiation than your head would if you used your phone without your earpiece.  Studies have shown that people tend to stay on the phone for longer periods of time and more often because they are led to believe that they are not at risk when using hands-free devices.  Most studies show that consumers are not being informed as clearly as they should be about cellphone headset radiation risks.

Cellphone headset radiation is now a proven scientific fact.  Although, the cellular phone industry and some government officials still deny that such risks actually exists, some companies are issuing precautions to help and ease any public concerns about this issue.  Contrary to popular belief, research conducted by a consumer research magazine in Great Britain indicated that hands-free cell phones may significantly increase your brain's exposure to radiation. These discoveries confirmed claims that using hands-free earpieces in certain positions could more than triple your brain's exposure to radiation compared to a conventional cell phone call. The secretion of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones continues to become an ever-growing concern. Unfortunately, you will not hear the large wireless corporations or the federal government publicly talking about cell phone radiation emission statistics because when big-time profits (such as cellular phone investments) are linked to large powerful companies, issues like cellphone headset radiation gets swept up under the rug.  Doesn’t quite seem right, does it?


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