Fixed: MS Access Database Error 3024

Jun 8


Max Jordan

Max Jordan

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MS Access is commonly used database management system and is part of many organizations. Microsoft MS Access Error 3024, mostly encountered due to improper installation of MS Access or due to Windows file affected with virus/malware. It indicates that change in any Window registry has made some change in MS Access Database files. This issue can be severe as the data entities and databases are important for users


Several reasons can cause Microsoft Access error 3024 and if you too are getting this error issue,Fixed: MS Access Database Error 3024  Articles then you need to resolve this error sooner to keep your file safe. Before discussing how to fix MS Access Error 3024 let us know about its main causes.

Symptoms of Microsoft Access Error 3024

Run-time error 3024 -

Could not find file 'C:UsersxxxxxDocumentsmyfile.mdb

The above error itself reflects that MS Access Database unable to access mdb file. After, occurrence of this Microsoft Access Error, system starts misbehaving. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Error 3024 appears and crashes the running window program
  • System crashes while running error 3024
  • Windows start not responding or respond slowly
  • Pc freezes for some time after MS Access error encountered.

To troubleshoot Microsoft Access database error 3024 user might keep track about when and where Access database error occur.

What Causes MS Access Runtime Error 3024?

Causes of runtime error 3024 are highlighted below:

  • Incomplete download of Microsoft Access or due to installation of corrupt Access software may lead to Microsoft Access Macro Error 3024.
  • Any recent changes may cause corruption in the Window registry. Change may be anything such as changes made in MS Access application or install/uninstall any application..
  • Any Malware or Virus infected any window registry file or MS Access database can also be the reason behind MS Access 3024 Error.
  • Access database file that got corrupted by itself.
  • Installation of any third party applications that might delete the MS Access file and now when trying to access Mdb file one may face Access error 3024 could not find file.

Various more factors can also cause 3024 error. So, by checking when this occur user can easily fix this MS Access Error 3024. However, in this condition if user unable to detect the cause of error or below given solution is the best way to remove MS Access run-time error 3024.

How to Fix Microsoft Access Runtime Error 3024?

Method 1: Try to Run Windows System File Checker

This is an inbuilt Windows Utility to scan and fix corruption from all system file. Steps to run System file checker Utility:

  • GOTO Start menu and click Right button of mouse.
  • In the menu item Select Command Prompt(Admin). CMD panel will open.
  • In this panel type sfc/scannow and press Enter
  • This will start scanning complete system file error with MS Access error 3024 causing files.
  • After scan just follow the instructions.

Method 2: Windows System Restore

Perform System restore can also fix MSAccess runtime 3024 Error. Steps involved to run Windows System Restore:

  • Login to System in Admin Mode

  • Click Start >>All Programs >>Accessories>>System Tools

  • In System Tools click on System Restore

  • A new window will prompt. In this Select “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and click Next

  • After Restoring. Restart your Computer.

Method 3: Using MS Access Database Error3024 Repair Tool

If yet issue is not resolved user can repair Error 3024 using MS Access macro Error 3024 Tool. This tool is most uniquely designed to combat with all types of Access Related Errors. Access Recovery can easily fix MSAccess Error 3024 and other related errors.


Reading above one could easily understand Microsoft Access Database Runtime Error 3024 and what are its various causes. Three methods are defined clearly to repair Access Error 3024 and the most recommended one is using MSAccess Error 3024 repair tool.